Happy Monday : Come Back New !

Hey hey everyone,

I am back and back for good. Happy Monday, or MonYAY as I love to put it.

I had a long hiatus, since the beginning of the year. I went from being super excited , ready to buckle down and get things going to having a death in the family that completely crushed my heart, had an extremely hard time coping, also the anniversary of my mother’s passing was approaching and seriously you wonder how much can I take, and it’s amazing how resilient the mind, heart and soul are. I definitely was going through a very personal roller coaster ride of my own, it  was up down this way that way sort of thing. The growth we encounter through hard times it something that can leave us baffled at times but quickly realize how much LIGHT we have become throughout the process.

So with that being said,

I am just over the moon that I am taking my writing, my love for spreading love and taking this blog to something bigger than myself, because I FEEL with all my heart , when we are CALLED to do something and when are READY for the CHALLENGE, we awaken from the FOG we put ourselves in.

In the course of 2 weeks I had two major epiphanies which I will share with you because hey why not.
Quite possibly something that I have encountered and was inspired by can do the same for you and propel you do move forward in your life. Because TRUTH , Staying STAGNANT Sucks.

March 25th, 2017 – My Husband and I embarked on a journey of our own. Celebrating 16 years together this coming June, we were gifted a Honeymoon Cruise on The Crown Princess to the Eastern Carribean for a whole 8 days minus our 4 children. OMG, can I tell you, we were  beyond over the moon excited crazy happy when we found out 9 months ago, the anticipation, the preparation for our very first trip alone in 16 years. It was more than in my wildest dreams. It was everything and then some, it was PERFECT.

The trip itself brought more than just relaxation, it brought rekindling our love, it brought back clarity, it brought to me a FIRE I cannot put into words alone the excitement to feel that energy and excitement about bringing my PERSONAL DREAMS to LIFE. Bringing my Purpose and Passion LIFE. Merging my two loves together and Creating a LIFE We Don’t Need a Vacation From.

It brought the realization that I want more of what those 8 days gave me. It made me realize that I need to retire my husband so we can create our life our way, minus 9-5’s and restrictions.  It’s crazy because you spend your LIFE doing what is expected of you. ” get a JOB ” ” Pay The BILLS ” ” Do What You Gotta Do ” , at what expense , your health, your mind ?

Part of my WHY : E Loves T and My Other 4 Why’s , WHY I Do What I Do ,Because I LOVE Them That Much To CREATE A LIFE WE ALL Don’t Need a Vacation From.

Shit, excuse my french,

That is just not OKAY in my book, we weren’t put here on this earth to be AVERAGE, we were CREATED for GREATNESS. We were created to LIVE in ABUNDANCE and LIVE Our BEST Lives Doing whatever sets our souls on FIRE. Doing what God placed in our hearts to be. It would be a great disservice to the world to not become your greatest version of yourself.

And that is what one of my epiphanies were. STOP Playing SMALL because you’re afraid of what the outcome could be. The outcome of you ( me ) stepping into my greatness , wholeheartedly and fearlessly could create serious waves of CHANGE for all parties involved. What a glorious feeling to be a part of creating those ripples of crazy ahmazzzzing in someone else’s life. SO Go ahead my friends, strip those layers of you that are holding you back and OWN YOUR CRAZY. Own those ahmazzzzing capabilities that you possess and share it with the world, the world awaits your CRAZY 😀

EPIPHANY No.2 – What is YOUR Passion ?

When we were born, God made us with our own specific DNA , we were all born with something that makes us uniquely US. For me, that blessing came in the form of creation. In the form of ART. It came in the form of being able to bringing the visions that dance playfully in my head and for a good while I became hesitant on creating .

Lit Me UP Like The 4th of July , ANATOLE KRASNYANSKY , His work moved me and touched a part of my soul that I thought died. Art does just that , it moves a part of you that you didn’t know existed.


I got in a creation funk, creative road block is no joke if you are an artist, when you have clear ideas and visions and are mentally stuck , ooooofa it’s seriously the worst, because when something is that much a part of you , it’s suffocating when you can’t create.

I was suffering from comparing myself to others syndrome :

What if I’m not good enough. What if it gets laughed at, what if , what if , what if …. blah blah blah ….

The lies we tell ourselves to make it ok to not try , to not give it our all because the FEAR OF FAILURE is far greater than excitement of OWNING OUR MAGIC , WALKING in Our Greatness Fearlessly.

While our stay on the ship , we came across an opportunity in which I will keep hush hush until I have completed what I have set out to do …. but this thing , this THING SET MY SOUL ABLAZE , it reignited that passion , my gift, my natural born talent, to bring my world , my colorful world of Grafitti Couture to you.

All in all , the point of it all is that no matter where you are in life, no matter what is going on, we are all responsible for our LIVES and what happens to it, The blame game is horse manure , it’s no one else’s fault why things did not happen for you. We choose , it’s up to us to CREATE our reality or stay stagnant and do nothing, but don’t you DARE complain about why this or that. Acknowledge it , Own your nonsense and go out and do something about it.

8 days at sea with the love of my life , made me appreciate him more, made me appreciate LIFE more. It awakened me to what we put on the back burners of life, it shook me enough to say NO to that life, it brought me to a higher level of awareness of the CAN’S and CANT’S . Can’t is officially eliminated from my vocabulary. Tell me NO and watch what happens, when you are faced with negativity and naysayers that are trying to create a ceiling for you because they don’t see what you see, you do your BEST to keep going , PUSH past the bullsh*t that tries to penetrate that fierce heart of yours. The VICTORY is inside of the CHALLENGE, inside of the possibility of CHANGE.

You know what they say ,


So , for this NEW MONYAY I leave you with these 2 thoughts :

  1.  Are you willing to spend the rest of your life in the what if mindset ?
  2. What is your PASSION, what sets you on FIRE and are you gonna do something about it ?

Two super simple questions to sit and contemplate …

oooooo and before I forget :

You MUST MUST GET THIS BOOK , as of yesterday :

YES YOU ARE and So AM I ….

You are a BADASS by Jen Sincero , OMY WORD , Has this book got me FIRED up from the inside out.

It’s def not your typical personal development book , it’s RAW AND REAL AND Perfect.

Get ready to have your truths handed to you on a shiny silver platter of unfiltered badass.

Shake , Rattle and Roll Baybee’s !

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To Your Fearless Success,

Your Personal Wellness Coach

**** CoachE. *****

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21 Days Into 2017

It’s a Saturday night and yes I am working , I am always working …

Working on a new project, working on my art , working on my graphic design,  working on my wellness coaching. working with clients, working …..

Can you tell I love it , lol ….

I looked at my calendar this morning and was like WOW we are 21 days into the NEW ” NOW ” YEAR , a New Term that was taught to me just a few months ago. Instead of waiting for a SPARKLY BALL and Date to CHANGE to decide what your future tomorrows will look like, start LIVING IN THE NOW YEAR.

Start living in right this very second, because you know what , sometimes there are no second chances. Sometimes the tomorrow you waiting for just doesn’t come. The time , the only time is NOW.  Those moments that you spend living in regret :

Why didn’t I ?

I should have !

If only I ?

This only happens to me !

Things never go my way.

The thoughts we are keeping locked and tucked away within our hearts are a direct manifestation of our present life. And I say this to you because today I lived through my day of manifesting an unwanted situation.

Let me explain ….

For the last 18 years I have always been sick on my birthday , always , it was like clockwork.

My birthday falls in the winter and the cold and me , we just don’t get along. Being a severe asthma sufferer since I was a baby and also having an overprotective loving Colombian mama , that wanted to ward off all evil from me at all times and all costs , I honestly don’t remember ever not being sick on my beloved birthday.

My mother was always so fearful that something ” bad ” was going to happen to me, inadvertently causing anxiety in me that yeah , maybe if I did go outside I was gonna breathe in this nasty cold air and have this massive asthma attack and die. I mean , geez , asthmatics are notorious for dying of crazy causes like that , right ?

I was just so not aware of the damage she was doing to me at the time. I mean , as a mom , I get it , but also living through that , I do not want to give my children the anxiety of letting them think that something terrible is going to happen to them in the “real world . ”

So for all of my childhood, tween and teenage years , I lived overprotected , secluded and babied for the most part. And don’t get me wrong, I adored ( adore ) my mother , but I can see now in retrospect that it has caused me to endure some very deep embedded scars that I am working on moving away from.

Because AGAIN ,

The Thoughts WE KEEP are a Direct REFLECTION of Our Life Manifested.

So , let me fast forward to May 2016, I finally see my Pulmonologist , he says , lets start something NEW and get you on BREO and BREO Incruse , it’s been helping my other patients and you fall into this category.

Faithfully I say , duh , yeah , lets try it …. I have practically been on everything and every cocktail of medications to keep my lungs healthy and me out of the hospital …. So if this works …. AMEN !!!!

And GUESS WHAT , it did , I was hospital free for 8 months , a whole months of taking my BREO and continuing on my Nutrition , I was as Good as GOLD, Baybee !

Then it happened, December came and it was like a trickwire went off in my brain.  Your birthday is coming , my 40th this year to be exact and it’s like an internal panic mode takes over.

I think maybe I set myself up for getting the pneumonia in Dec , and truly not listening to doctors orders because as always they wanted to admit me , but I was against it …. My hubs has to work, who is gonna take care of the kids, how am I gonna manage that , what am I going to do , all these extra worries I tacked onto my already existing condition , made everything even more monumental ….

I didn’t even give myself a minute to recoop, I just kept going …. I kept doing and being , without any CARE for myself, not caring if I took the 3 tabs instead of 4 , not caring if I slept or not , I was too worried about now I have gotten sick , oh shit it’s the cold weather , you can’t breathe in the cold weather … how are you gonna manage , how are you gonna get better, you only get better in the SPRING.

Isn’t it ahmazzzzing how many damn thoughts we keep holy moses it will make your head spin.

Is it me or maybe I am crazy …. ?

And the reason why I share this with you is because it SUCKS to live FEARFUL something is gonna happen to you.

I had my ENOUGH is ENOUGH Moment today.

Today I was supposed to be somewhere , but today I also woke up with a high fever and the flu that my 10 year old daughter ever so generously gave to both me, my husband and 6 year old daughter. I haven’t had a positive thought about my inner health , I have been tooo worried about getting and not getting sick and all the baggage that it comes with. That I believe I mentally set myself up for my own chaotic mess.

So , with this , today January 21st, 2017 I publicly PROMISE myself that I am going to do 3 Things :

1: Practice Loving ALL of Me Everyday

2: Start Reading Louise L. Hay

3: Start a Badass Accountability 90 Day Run of Positivity , Love and Light.

I am NO LONGER Going To ALLOW Anything or Anyone to DESTROY My Peace and Trample on My Dreams.

Your LIFE was GIVEN TO YOU AND ONLY YOU. God Blessed US All With Gifts and Talents That Only We Uniquely Possess and We Have To Honor That , We Have to Do Whatever It Takes To BRING our VISIONS To Life.

All of This Requires A Lot of Personal Development , and ALOT , by alot I mean you gotta immerse yourself in it.

There is nothing better than listening or reading :

Jim Rohn

Les Brown

TD Jakes

Eric Thomas

Tony Robbins

Let Them WAKE YOU Up and RATTLE Your SOUL and FIND Your Life’s PURPOSE.

I found mine and I am NOT going to REPEAT the last few years all over again in this BEAUTIFUL NOW YEAR we have now !

21 Days Into 2017 , If Nothing Has CHANGED ,



I have arrived.

What Are You Gonna Do That is DIFFERENT , What Are You Gonna Do That CHANGES Your Life For The Better ?

I am going to use my Blog as my outlet to share my story as I write it.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your love and support.

Just trying to keep it real 😀

Lots of Love,








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3 Reasons Why DIETS Don’t Work

Wow , can I tell you, In the last few days of reviewing emails, comments and just speaking with my ladies, one of the main reasons that people can’t stick to their ” DIETS ” , the reasons are understandable , but definitely changeable , truthfully if you want change your will make it HAPPEN , am I right or am I right > Insert a Double Wink 😉 <

Now let me correct y’all before I start ….

Our Philosophy is Diets Do NOT Work …

They Don’t , I , like you , how many yo yo diets have we been on , seriously , I know I don’t have enough fingers on my hands to count , haha 😛

LIFESTYLE CHANGES on the other hand , WORK !!!!

Diets : They deprive you of things that you would like to eat

A lifestyle change gives you a better quality of life, improves your  health and conditioning, in short , diets are temporary and lifestyle changes are permanent ….

Would you ,

A , Like To Feel Good For a Little While


B , LOVE To Feel GREAT Forever ….

Think About That For a Moment …

Don’t Worry I’ll Wait …

3 Reasons Why DIETS Don’t Work & How You Can Change That.

As I was telling you asking my girlfriends , they shared their thoughts with me on why diets don’t work .

Reason No.1 – DEPRIVATION 

The word ” Diet” alone makes you feel like you already can’t have this or that. Now don’t get me wrong , it’s not to say that you can go engorge on a box of donuts or a pint of ice cream like it ain’t no thang, seriously , but when you are on the right nutrition and micronutrients that help support your body on all levels, a donut here and a few scoops of ice cream there , aren’t going to hurt that much, with the help of Thermobond.

Why I LOVE MY Lifestyle CHANGE So Much. I never deprive myself of anything, I eat what I want, in portions of course , but I do not tell myself NO, all the time. Truthfully I don’t CRAVE all the nonsense anymore. When you make a decision, all those foods that once made you soooooo happy, won’t taste as ahmazzzzing.

Packing on the pounds isn’t quite delicious when you see RESULTS. Why Go Backwards ?


LOOK, lets be real here , seriously , you are not gonna drop crazy weight in one week, 10lbs in one week. Not happening.

50lbs in 3 months, not happening.

You need to remember that changing your lifestyle, one that is healthy , one that you are not only going to see results , one that you are gonna see forever results with, you need to take it slow and be patient.



Believe me I get it , sometimes eating fills that only void in our souls, sometimes food is the only friend when no one is around, food has no way of judging or criticizing, my goodness , my sweethearts , I know what that feels like.

Between , drowning my heartaches and sorrows in my journals and food, one out of the two was killing me slowly.

I have 4 beautiful children and an amazing husband, I want to be my absolute best for them, for myself , to be able to ENJOY LIFE That God has bestowed upon us. LIFE is too short not to LIVE IT to it’s Fullest Potential.

We need nutrition to live , to survive, we shouldn’t use food as a crutch to close ourselves off to the world, we should use it as it was intended , to FUEL Our Bodies with the Proper Nutrients , to Be able to set out as we were called to do.

Look into the MIRROR of Your SOUL and Get REAL With You ….

and Why Not Add a Reason No.4 …..TEMPTATION

Temptation is Killer.

If you know that you are starting your wellness journey , then you need to eliminate all temptations, I mean get rid of them , donate them to your church, give um to people who may need it , but def get it out of sight and get it out of mind, to make your journey less tempting. Replace it with the good stuff that way you are less likely to slip up 😀

TRUST ME , YOU GOT THIS , If I Can Do It , So Can You MAMAS 😀

and Lastly Ladies ….

Reason No.5 – Don’t FORGET TO EAT ….

yeah I know , my title post said 3 Reasons, but when I get writing I can’t stop …..

Diets can make you feel like you are counting calories and counting points, ain’t NOBODY Got TIME For That.

Eating seriously becomes a chore on those damn diets, ugh !!!!

Eating the way I do with My Nutrition Plan eliminates all that nonsense. I have not counted a calorie not once, nor do I care to. I definitely read my labels, but as far as tallying up the calories, um no THANK YOU.

Let me tell you what my Nutrition consists of :

Ready , ready …

2 Shakes a Day

2 High Protein Mini Meals aka Snacks 2x’s a Day

1 Colorful Protein, Greens and Complex Carbs Dinna

Supplements 3x’s a Day

Between Drinking Some Yummy in Between Teas and Water …..

LADIES , I am singing from the rooftops , I haven’t felt better. Almost 40 in December FEELS GLORIOUS.


When you are not eating, your body goes into starvation mode , severely restricting your calories actually prevents your body from burning unwanted fat stores effectively – and unfortunately, this means that you ain’t dropping that weight.

So you need to EAT To Lose.

Eat The PROPER Food & Nutrients For Your Body To BURN Tha Fatties Off 😀

and EAT on a Timed Nutrient Plan, I Will Teach You All About That Anotha Time.

The point is DO NOT STARVE YOURSELVES Please !!!!


You can start by saying YES to You ! I would love for you to TRY our nutrition program and start getting healthy and start getting your results. Start feeling crazy amazing , start wanting to get out and do the things that you have put on the back burner.

We have No LIFE if we are not doing the things we LOVE.

So on the real, STOP making every excuse WHY you can’t. And list all the many reasons on why you should.

This is one thing you should not place on the back burner …. YOUR HEALTH.

The slew of problems when you IGNORE the things you should pay the most intention to could be life threatening.

I say this to you with my heart.

For a long time, I played with my life. I suffered from severe asthma and severely allergic to certain foods and elements of the earth , and before I started my wellness journey , I had a terrible knocking on heavens door health scare. I suffered a severe asthma attack that nearly took me. And up until that point , I lived carelessly with my health, I didn’t Pay ATTENTION to the signs my body was giving me, I wasn’t caring enough about me and that was so selfish of me bc I didn’t measure the consequences and the precious souls I would be leaving behind if I didn’t step up the plate of my own life and start taking ownership of it and start LIVING.

Only you can make that leap , Only I can CHEER YOU ON & Together We Can ACHIEVE SUCCESS .

For you all to FEEL HOW I FEEL is The GREATEST GIFT.

Say YES to you. Make You Your #1 Priority.

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Cheers To You,








Elizabeth Schoonmaker

Personal Wellness Coach



3 Ways To Stay Motivated on Your Weightloss Journey

3 Ways To Stay Motivated on Your Weightloss Journey

Hey hey , It’s Coach E,

Happy Monday !!!!!

It’s been a quick minute since I ” blogged ” , my goodness this month has been crazy. I have been journaling a lot in the last 4 months and have been keeping track of what works for me and what can stay on the back burner. Not all things work and some , JUST DO.

When I started my wellness journey I was READY , I wanted to get rid of this unwanted weight and be done with it , it was a long overdue break up with my fatness. DONE, so staying motivated was relatively easy. But for some , that can be a feet in itself.

I became a cheerleader for my clients and friends that joined this journey with me and that sometimes we need a lot of MOTIVATION not to GIVE UP.  I mean really it’s a mind game we play with ourselves, why we can’t , why we shouldn’t , why we really want that ice cream or why we can justify that one slice or two of pizza won’t throw our nutrition out the window, but truthfully it does …

Coming to the realization that HELLO , we are taking control of our LIVES and BODY is HUGE step in the right direction , and yes it’s gonna be WORK, and yes it’s gonna make you wanna QUIT a hundred times over , but you know what , YOU GOT THIS, I know you can do this.

So let me share with you the 3 Ways To Stay Motivated on Your Wellness Journey.

3 Ways To Stay Motivated on Your Weightloss Journey

Losing weight is something that needs constant motivation, you have to always keep that Posi ( Positive ) frame of mind , have a negative mindset is not the way to go. Remember thoughts become things and the thoughts you keep are a direct reflection of situations in your life . Sooooooooo , lets start with My No. 1 Way To Stay Motivated ….

Way No.1 – Get Yourself a Journal 

I know what you must be thinking , I have to write. YES you do, did you know that keeping a weightloss journal is essential in your journey . WHY , because this is your place of yes, no judgements, no fear, this is your place where you can just dump your thoughts, feelings and keep track of what you are eating , when you are exercising and anything else you can think of. When I look back to September of 2015 I see how far I have come , where my mindset was and where it has evolved. A year from when you started you will see what a transformation you have undergone and I am not just talking about the physical , what your mind , heart and soul do is truly remarkable.

So get that PEN AND PAPER and Get To Writing and Can I RECOMMEND These Journals . I Absolutely LOVE Them !

Go Visit This Beautiful Site : http://www.shopthewritetofeel.com !!!!








Way No.2 – YOU NEED Music 






Um, trust me on this one,  I think people have different feelings on this. But I know that for me , even on the says that I didn’t want to get my body moving, the second I turned up my playlist , BOOOM , instant HAPPY & got through my workouts no sweat !!!

SO I highly suggest you find what tickles your fancy and download them onto your iTunes or make a playlist on Pandora or even on Youtube.

Make it your go to space to tune the world out and get your workout in , no if’s , ands, or butts !!!!

I will share my playlist with you here , my taste in music varies so here are a few choices 😀

Way No.3 – Recommit Yourself EVERY WEEK 

This one was HUGE for me especially when I started because I had a few hiccups until I got into the swing of my own things , I mean truthfully this is a work in progress type of situation, no one gets it right on the first try, HELLO, we gotta work at it and find our on groove if you know what I am saying.

So each week, starting on Sundays.

Set a Goal of what you want to accomplish. I set 3 so I don’t overwhelm myself.

For example :

Stay Away From The Ice Cream I Know You Want It But Save That For a Cheat Day and You Can Have Your Thermobond.

DRINK That Water . Stay on Your Nutrition, Drink Your Shakes , No Excuses E.

Get That Booty Moving.

Seriously , this is how I speak to myself and how I speak to you, lol

This way each week you are setting new goals , keep it light & fun, Don’t take yourself too seriously , life is soooooo short, it should be LIVED , so have fun with yourself.

I do !!!!



There is nothing more annoying and hurtful to be around people who misunderstand you, poke fun at you for wanting get healthy or simply think you are crazy. Something I learned a looooonnnnng time ago , in business and in wellness, YOU MUST SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKEMINDED PEOPLE. Because if you don’t , when you feel like quitting , those people that are against what you are trying to do are not gonna stop you , in fact they will encourage that you quit , you don’t want that , when you are having a moment of weakness. You need people ( like Me ) who are gonna encourage you to keep going, because even though the road may get bumpy , it may feel like you are stagnant , you keep PUSHING. No Matter WHAT !

Way No. 5 ( That HOT Lil Number That You Have Been Dying To Wear )

You know there is something about wearing a killer lil black dress or a sexy outfit of your choice.

I know that after 4 kids and a slew of medications , the weight gain for me was unbearable. I know longer felt sexy, nor did I feel desirable, I mean to my husband , he never made me feel that way , but it was in my own eyes that I saw my body change as I had children, as I dropped the weight and gained it all right back. The yo yo end of it was exhausting and between you and I , I wanted to get that jaw dropping effect on my husband , you know that  look when you both just met.

So my view on this is, this ….

Pull out that dress or outfit that you have been dying to wear. Track your progress as you begin to see how your body is changing and how it’s beginning to fit back into those clothes you once wore. And the simple fact of just pulling it out serves as a visual reminder of the goals you have set for yourself.

For me as simple as this may sound, my goal is a pair of ripped jeans I loved wearing, paring it with a simple V-neck White T-shirt and my Cowboy boots is how I feel the sexiest 😀

What is Your Favorite Outfit That You Want To Get Back Into ?

Lastly my friends,

Axel Rose said it BEST , Just a lil PATIENCE ……

Rome was definitely not BUILT in a day and we are not gonna drop crazy weight in just a few weeks. You need to have the proper nutrition , form great eating habits, get on a daily routine , incorporate your fitness and shift your mindset.

And above all PATIENCE, you can do this, you are doing it. Don’t lose it because you didn’t drop any weight this week , next week is a fresh week to start over and tweak a few things, be mindful and kind to yourself.

I wanted to share with you the RESULTS I had , in 1 Year I Released a Total of 60lbs , Yeah I was Super EXCITED Because I am Just 20 Days Short of My 1 Year Anniversary When I Started My Wellness Journey !







And let me tell you, that at times it was hard , at times I was like why am I not enjoying my Oreo cookie and Ice Cream ? Oh , yeah because you are tired of feeling fluffy and falling out of your jeans , that’s why you put them down.

Truthfully though I am so thankful that my meal replacement shakes tasted exactly like Ice Cream , I mean if not better.

Dutch Chocolate is my Dream Come True, y’all !!!! This was my secret weapon , and it still is ….


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Cheers To Your Health and Wellness,











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7 SuperFoods That Will Help You in Losing Weight

Hey hey My Friends,

Happy Monday, Happy AUGUST.

I was thinking the other night, making a crazy long list of all the things that have helped me release this weight in the last 11 months, my 1 year anniversary is coming up in my wellness business, eeeeek , so EXCITING , anyway I kept a food journal and realized that I found 7 of these superfoods in my nutrition consistently.

So as we all know that lil thing we learned in our kinder years , ” sharing is caring ” , soooooo let me share with you what has been working like a charm with me and I know it will help you as well.

7 SuperFoods That Will Help You in Losing Weight 

Now , me personally I DO NOT BELIEVE in ” Dieting ” I stopped doing that 11 months ago. What I did do was CHANGE my nutrition with a combination of drinking my scrumptious meal replacement shake twice a day, eating CLEAN in between and incorporating 20-30 minutes of fitness in my daily regimen. Their are healthy super foods that you can eat everyday to help you to release weight, curb your appetite and even boost your metabolism.

No. 1 Superfood is EGG Whites

I cannot live without Egg Whites , Simple yet so EFFECTIVE. Full of Protein and you can make them all kinds of ways. I love them fried minus the yolk , 3 at a time , hardboiled egg whites or an egg white omelette with spinach , tomatoes and a sprinkle of feta cheese. OMG hello Yumminess.














Eggs are  power packed with protein , eggs will also raise your metabolic rate and definitely help you feel fuller, there is a reason why eggs always make it to number one on these lists.

No.2 SuperFood  APPLES 

I LOVE APPLES. My personal favorite is Macintosh Apples. I love um sweet and juicy. To add a lil texture and protein punch, a tablespoon of JIF Creamy Peanut Butter is always what the doctor ordered in my book. Apples are loaded with Pectin to help boost your metabolism , have both soluble and insoluble fiber to help with digestion and helps tremendously with boosting your immune system , so highly suggest you start crunching away to assist you in your weightloss 😀














No.3 Superfood Formula One Meal Replacement Shakes 

I don’t know why on earth I never heard of these meal replacement shakes since they have been around for 35 years and are #1 in the world for a reason. I have not gone without my Dutch C  Shake in 11 months. I tried the competition and was very unsatisfied due to the fact that the taste was chalky and lacked flavor. This scrumptious piece of HEAVEN fell on my lap and it’s been bliss ever since. 56lbs down and loving how it’s a complete meal with 21 essential vitamins and minerals, it’s a Protein Shake and Then Some. Highly suggest you give it a try , it’s changed my life in more ways than one.




















No.4 Superfood V.E.G.A.T.A.B.L.E.S

The truth is that you cannot get healthy without them. You need to eat them as in put them in your mouth and chew 😛 Vegetables have become a HUGE part of my nutrition, I favor broccoli , spinach , zucchini , carrots , I just recently became  a fan of spaghetti squash , WOW  !!!! Veggie Stir Fry and Raw Veggies with Hummus are my No. 1 Favorite was to get my veggies in. The most important thing I tell my clients is that you should be open to trying new things, experiment with them and learn to love them. Eating CLEAN makes you feel way better than stuffing your face with fried , greasy fast foods that supply no nutritional value besides empty calories and pack on the pounds dramatically. SO get to loving your VEGETABLES. You won’t regret it.













No 5 SuperFood : COMPLEX CARBS

When I first started my weightloss journey I thought to myself how am I gonna stop eating white rice, I mean I am latina , I grew up on white rice and ha, we all know fattening it is …. BUT , I wanted to get healthy more than I wanted that lil cup of white rice so my Coach Theo , suggested I try Complex Carbs. What a difference in switching to Quinoa and Brown Rice. I must say it took a quick minute to get used to but since I LOVE cooking , I made it taste great without sacrificing flavor and still keeping it healthy. Incorporating complex carbs  will support your weightloss goals, give you fuel for your workouts and digestive system.

Image from watchfit
Image from watchfit













No. 6 Super Food – SALADS 

This is my favorite thus far, that has made my weightloss journey even more enjoyable. WHY ? Because salads aren’t like what you maybe grew up on , lettuce, tomatoes , cucumbers maybe croutons and dressing. SALADS have become a work of art to me. The variations are endless and limitless. You can make just about everything and make it a YUMMY salad.

Add Chicken, Fish, Steak , Fruits, Cheeses , Vegetables, Complex Carbs etc ….

My favorite leafies are Spinach , Mixed Greens and Kale , they hold a lot of FIBER. Fiber is your friend in order to also help you with your digestion. Salads are wonderful because you can eat them guilt free.

Follow My Pinterest Board To GET Some IDEAS , I have found these pins and recreated my own. Absolutely Ahmazzzzzing !

image from foodiecrush



















No.7 Superfood – PEANUT BUTTA 

The HEALTHY FAT – YOU WANT This is in your Nutrition. Not only is it ridiculously delicious but this is the type of Protein that you need in helping you lose weight and for that matter lean out when you are gaining lean muscle mass.

















Peanut butter  contains an abundance of “tha good” fats, or, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. One serving has 8 grams of monounsaturated fats and 4 grams of polyunsaturated fats. These “good” fats help lower your cholesterol, help reduce heart disease, and lower your blood pressure. SCORE !!!!

I keep my peanut butta intake to about 2 tablespoons a day , maybe 4 depending on the day. There is a HUGE misconception that peanut butter is high in calories , oh no , mon frer , think about what your daily calorie intake could be anywhere from , 1,800, 2,400, or 3,000 , so like they say , everything in MODERATION.

Go enjoy that PEANUT BUTTA ….

And there you have it , My Top 7 Superfoods In Losing Weight.

Click here to Learn More About What Exactly Helped Me Release 56lbs in 11months.

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Happy Monday , Change Your Choices !

Happy Monday ….

Happy AUGUST 1st.

Seriously , though , I am always gung ho about everyday , WHY  > Duh , because everyday that we wake up, we are ALIVE.

No day should go without waking up and saying , THANK YOU GOD , for another day on this beautiful earth, regardless of how your life is right this very second.

Sometimes , ” LIFE ” Isn’t going exactly as we thought it would go, or there are some major bumps in the road, but that my friends should not be an EXCUSE as to why you cannot change the direction in which you would like your life to go.

I am a testament to that scenario.

A year ago, my life was , lets just say all over the place, I knew I where I wanted to go, but I was lacking in a few departments,

The Energy Department

The Health Department

The Motivation Department

When all those departments are not in alignment with your whole person, it feels like the whole world is upside down and getting the that PLACE OF YES may seem galaxies away ….

Fortunate for us , that things do CHANGE and the reason they CHANGE is because we CHOOSE to CHANGE.

That is the bottom line.

You Choose.

So, this is WHY I rise with a pep in my step everyday because LIFE can always be worse , LIFE can always throw a crazy curve ball at you but TRUTH is , it’s how you handle those obstacles.

I decided that all those areas of my life that I mentioned above needed some major improvements and had to find a way to pull myself out of that slump, because being an busy mom of 4, a wife , running work from home businesses and trying to juggle the home life , was extremely hard when I had no energy , I was sick all the time and I had to motivation to anymore than I was already doing and struggling financially didn’t help either.

In one year , things can dramatically CHANGE, it’s ultimately a choice.

I choose to get HEALTHY.

I found my PURPOSE.

And I regained my CONFIDENCE which in turn helped me , help others do the same.

Click Here To Learn How

So , OMG , YAY , Everyday is a BLESSING …

When you realize that everything can and will be corrected by simply making a quick mindset reset , that YES , everything is gonna be ok. God is on my side, I am gonna change my situation and nothing is gonna hold me back.

LIFE as YOU Knew It , is GONE …. The FUTURE becomes BRIGHTER …

That is how I CHANGED my Life around and how it keeps evolving , because I choose to find the happiness in everyday and keep propelling myself and those around me forward,

We were made MADE for GREATNESS, it’s about TIME , we STOP living Mediocre Lives and START LIVING !


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Make your day Crazy Ahmazzzzing !










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Health Hiccups, Refueled …. Walk In Your OWN Fire !

So , the last two days were a squash.

Breathing through the size of pinhole is no fun what so ever , just saying …..

So you can get a mental picture …















Lungs slammed on the brakes hard and I found myself not breathing and in the ER , YAY and then followed by a fast revisit back to ER that same day because the treatments weren’t enough, needed that extra boost of solemedrol , fun stuff , let the water weight commence ,  ain’t no thang but a chicken wing. I already gained 4 wonderful pounds of water weight.

But you take the good with the bad, I need to breathe to be functioning at 100 % for me, my family and my crew of crazy amazing clients and team members , HELLO ! So be it , gain some good old fashioned water retention all in the name of breathing , sure , they key with this challenge for me is not let the steroids overtake me. The power of those damn pills when they have you craving the No No’s in the Wee Hours is no JOKE, but I have worked way to hard to release this weight in 5 months, that I have disciplined myself to JUST SAY NO !!!! LOL

I say , you gotta make light of every situation.

DO I enjoy these unpredictable attacks, oh HELL NO , But it’s my blessing in disguise. I say blessing in disguise because through my trials and tribulations , I have met so many beautiful souls in my hospital , today I encountered a lovely couple that got on a 3 day trial to start their wellness journey and I met a beautiful lady that was in there for a flare up of her arthritis, quickly drawn to me or drawn to them, I make friends everywhere I go and hope to spread some love where it is needed.

spread your love







When you have struggled with oh just a few things , you have empathy for those around because you never know who you will meet and the effect you will have on their lives …

So always try to have your happy hat on and be sure to give of yourself selflessly …..

Greatest gift you can give is you.

We have the POWER to change the way someone can FEEL.

It’s rather remarkable and priceless.

Never take humanity for granted.

Anyway , I had to get that off my chest. I am a writer, I think , I FEEL , I write , not into proper English and all that jazz, I write , how I talk … Nuff said ….

I am WIDE AWAKE now , thank you high dosages of Prednisone, but it’s all good , my family is sleeping , I get to glance at my Hunky Husband as he sleeps I get to Build These Dreams That Don’t Let Me SLEEP , I get to put in MOTION my Plan of ATTACK , I get to EXECUTE AND CRUSH THIS 2016.

Yeah , I am pretty much fired up all the time, I am always working , bc I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how I FEEL , I mean right now I am spent from trying to breathe and stay breathing comfortably, all in all though I FEEL GREAT , I love seeing where my transformation is headed and what I accomplished since September 2015.

Walking and Stepping Into My OWN FIRE …









Setting The BAR High …

Time To FLY MY Friends,


Let’s Gooooooooo !

Join Me In This CRAZY Amazing Lifestyle Change :

To Your Wellness and Success,










Your Personal Wellness Coach,

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