Getting Back To Me , Elizabeth !

^^^^ Hey Hey , It’s Elizabeth , And I Wanted To Share Something With You ! ^^^^
I AM …


Always  Excited For The Blessings and Opportunities That Comes My Way.

You Can Say ,

I am a Jack(E) of All Trades !

I think that Life is Wayyyyyyyy Toooo Short , To Let Things Slip You By.

If You Want To DO Something , Do It !

If It Sparks Something in Your Heart To Share It , Do It !

I Live My Life By My Own Rules.

I am a PROUD Wife and Mother of 4.

I am an Artist.

I am a Work at Home Mom.

I am a Savvy Business Woman.

I am a Professional Makeup Artist.

I am Your Health Coach.

I Live For Helping People . I Live For Helping Women Step Back Into Themselves.

It’s So Important To PUT You First.

Sounds Crazy Right , as a MOM, Yeah I Know , But If We as Mommies  , Don’t Put Ourselves First, How Can We Take Care of Our Families ?

How Do We Put Our Best Foot Forward In Everything We Do , If Our Whole Being is Outta Balance ?

Your MIND , Your Body , Your Soul , Have To Be In Unison , To Be Able To Operate in Full Functioning Order.



Looking Good ,


They are One in The Same , Yet So Very Different.

You Can Cloak Your Outer Self in Clothes & Makeup , But , If You Don’t FEEL Good On The Inside , What Does it Matter ?

It Doesn’t …

That is Why I Welcome You All To  My Health | Wellness | Fitness Journey , I Welcome You To Walk Along Side Me !


The Thing That I Notice Amongst Us Women  is That There NEEDS To Be More SUPPORT of One and Other , Rather Than Knocking Each Other Down.

Life is Hard As Is ..

Why Make It Harder.


Make a Decision TODAY , That Your Enough is Enough Has Come.

Stop Existing & START LIVING !


What Exactly Am I Rambling About , Ah Ha ,

Herbalife , Baybee , Fueled By HerbaLife  Has CHANGED My LIFE.



Fafa- Fabulous !!!!


8|26|2015 – 165lbs
— Asthma Issues —
( Prednisone Tapers Had Me All Over The Place )
Started To Get Serious 9|9|2015
9|26|2015 – 150Lbs ( Lost 5 Llbs in This WEEK ) Persistence & Determination , I Tell You !Strict , Follow The Program , Get RESULTS.


Did This Post Resonate With You ? If it Did , I Would Be My Pleasure To Help You Feel As Good As I Feel ,
If It’s ONE Thing I Know For DAMN Sure , Is That Health is Wealth !
I Spent , 14 Years Undergoing Many Many Exacerbations of Asthma Attacks , Countless Stays In The Hospital , Endless Times Having To Be On Prednisone, Which is What Caused My Weight Gain , and I Just Got Sick Of It.
Tired of Letting This Take CONTROL of Me ,
I am In Control of E .
If You Are Walking in My Shoes,or Similar Ones :
Connect W/ Me ,Email Me { } and Let’s Get You Started on a Nutritional Plan TODAY.

Love Yourself , GET RESULTS !!!!

You Owe It To You !

To Your HEALTH & Success,

Your Health & Wellness Coach ,
Elizabeth Forero – Schoonmaker
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