Happy Monday : Fear Does Not Exist In This Dojo …

So , this past weekend , as always , Karate Kid was playing on loop on our cable, and hello , how many times have we all seen this movie ?

’80’s was my Era and I definitely say that I have watched it over a gajillion times, know it front to back , word for word and there are times when I watch it that the WORDS just jump out at me.

How many times do we let FEAR interfere in our lives ?

Whether we are wanting to start a new business.

Maybe start to take care of ourselves , maybe start a new journey. There are so many things that we want to accomplish in LIFE , yet we let ONE Stupid Word disrupt everything , FEAR !

How ridiculous is that ? Seriously , what do we have to lose , but fear itself. NOTHING !


HELL No , Elizabeth !!!

LOL ….

I think , it’s our job to full fill our deepest , most innermost desires , no matter what it is.

For me , these last 3 1/2 years have been a nightmare in many ways , health wise it’s been a downward spiral of asthma hiccups and a pneumonia that started all the chaos for me. I never thought that my health was in such jeopardy all because my body could not heal from it.

It’s taken 2 years of hospitalizations one after the other , endless bouts of prednisone , depression , weight gain and a whole slew of other side affects that have trickled in , to finally wake up from that FOG !

Wow !

Have you experienced anything like that ?

It’s definitely NOT FUN, Breathing should be taken way more seriously.

I have spent most of my life , on and off , struggling with FEAR , I am FEARLESS in many ways , yet very cautious in other ways. And it’s in those ways that I have grown out of that.

Time is OF THE ESSENCE , I have been almost on 2 incidents in the last 2 years , not come back from two very severe attacks , I WANT TO LIVE , I WANT TO INSPIRE HEARTS AND SOULS everywhere to do the same. I WANT TO LIVE A HEALTHY and FRUITFUL LIFE , Minus all the medications.

There is NO TIME , NO TIME to stand stagnant in a STATE OF FEAR.

So, I am committed , wholeheartedly on my journey to health and wellness.

I am committed to helping all those who choose to fly with me on this health and wellness journey.

Like They Say :

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork.

We Are All In This TOGETHER , I feel .

It’s Better To HAVE that Support System in play to help you get through those days that you feel like you want to throw in the towel , no no , not with me , my friends. You have SUPPORT and Enlightenment in ME !

Happy Early Monday if You Are On The East Coast , Like Me !

Happy Monday , Let’s Get This WEEK , Started On a Beautiful NOTE !

So What Are We GONNA Repeat Everyday , Day in and Day Out ?


Step Outside of Your Comfort ZONE , Magic Happens There , I Promise.

To Your Health, Wellness & Success ,


Your Health Coach,

Elizabeth Forero -Schoonmaker



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