Yay , MONDAY ! Everyday is an HerbaShake Kinda Day !

Yay , Mondays !!!!

Mondays are always my favorite day of the week. More so now than ever , being that I have now incorporated a new part of my routine. My fitness routine , my HerbaLife is LIFE routine !


First thing every morning and afternoon, my Formula 1 in Vanilla ( 2 scoops ) in my 8oz. NutriBullet Cup with Blue Diamond Coconut Vanilla Milk !

This is so super satisfying and delicious , I have no words for it !

And coming from a person that lived on cawfee with half and half, 2 teaspoons of sugar and all that jazz , loving this way more, than cawfee.

Cawfee was a quick pick me up, where my HerbaShakes are Energy Inducing Crazy Ahmazing All Day BOOST !

I cannot wait to have alll the flavors.

As of now , I have loved ,

Dutch Chocolate , Cafe Latte and Vanilla Flavors , Now To Add To My Herba Collection , Mint Chocochip , Pina Colada & Orange and Cream.


When you start taking care of you ,everything else falls into place.

You have to come first , your mind , body and soul all work together to become the well oiled machine it’s supposed to be, so WHY Not start taking care of you, NOW, it’s never too late to start over !

Choose YOU !

Choose CHANGE !

If this post made you think , hey , yeah , why not me , why not change, then shoot me an email and let’s get you started on your on Herbalife Nutritional Plan and Get YOU To a Better Version of You ! If you are looking to loose weight , gain lean muscle or just want to FEEL Better, you need to contact me :

{{{{ getfitwithelizabeth@gmail.com }}}}

And let’s Go , there is no TIME Like The Present . Another day wasted. Oh, Hell NO ! You Matter & You Matter To Me !

To Your Health and Success,


Elizabeth Forero – Schoonmaker

{{ Go Forth With Your Bad Selves }}


4 Replies to “Yay , MONDAY ! Everyday is an HerbaShake Kinda Day !”

    1. It is delicious , I never liked stuff like this , as a matter of fact , I though they would taste chalky and bland, but no no , I wish I had been on this years ago , the Dutch Chocolate , Cafe Latte and Vanilla are AHMAZZZZZZZZING, I am gonna try the others as well πŸ˜€ U should try it , you will be hooked, I am currently obsessed πŸ˜› LOL πŸ˜›


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