My Go To Health & Wellness Apps ( Android ) Pt .1

Hey , hey , happy tuesday , Tuesday …. YAY !

The day is almost done, had a crazy busy day , always a crazy busy day when you add 4 kids to the mix , 2 stayed at home, had the plumbers redoing our bathroom, day 2 of that , juggling my businesses , oooooofa yes , it was crazzzzy , but you know what I noticed, since starting to really take care of myself , taking care of what I eat and drink , because hello , I am a recovering cawfee addict , GUILTY , so guilty.

My days used to be FUELED by just endless streams of cawfee, forgetting to eat , because I get so consumed and I am so in Love with what I do , that work , really doesn’t feel like ” work ” , it feels like Play Time everyday.

Anyway as I was saying , yeah , my ENERGY has changed. I am SHOCKED , but it’s alll good, it’s actually FANTASTIC.

It’s because of my HERBASHAKES …


Now my mind and body can keep up with each other. Where that never happened before.

My kids even told me , Mommi , you have energy, you can breathe and you are looking skinny. I so LOVE Them.

So ….

this is always a beautiful thing when those around you see , the little differences you are making.

So , with the changes I have been making with my Herbalife Nutrition , I have to use my apps on my phone or iDevices , I need to keep myself motivated, inspired , on time and relaxed.

So , My FAVE Apps on An Android Device Are:

Gratitude Journal – a HUGE must , everyday, am and pm, I “type ” Β 5 things I am grateful for.

JotterPad – Ideas always popping in and out of my brain. Gotta jot them down.

Journey – Is like a mobile journal. And that is what I use it for , my deepest thoughts, what is in my heart.

Meditation Music – To come to my center and breathing, I am learning to do this , one day at a time, to quiet my thoughts.

I don’t require much , but I do require to be able to have many outlets to be CREATIVE , I need it , the Artist side of me , feeds on it !

So , for tonight , I am gonna just CHILL with my hubbers, ” watch ” TV , ( I don’t watch ) I listen …

Gotta do my Todo List For Tomorrow. Drink my Tea and Create !

I am seeing now how much BALANCE plays such a significant role in my life. How much I have needed this in my life for so long but never knew how to get to it , now I am in a Happy Place and look forward to all these new tomorrow’s !

So , My Dreamers ,

Have a Great Night , I Will Check You all OUT Tomorrow !

Big Hugs,


Elizabeth Forero – Schoonmaker

Your Health & Wellness Coach






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