Happy Wednesday : Spread Your Love

Hey y’all ,

yeah , i said it and I am from New York , and what …

I am channeling my inner southern belle.

About to close the day out, had a long crazy chaotic day , asthma was trying and I underline , trying to peak it’s way into my life and it didn’t , I had to do the routine nebulizer and drops of peppermint oil to get me through the morning.

I actually worked out this morning , to My Zumba Videos & did a lil Chalene Turbo Fire. Which , BTW , felt amazing !

My day always begins with my ….

Yup Yup ,

HerbaShakes …

Cookies and Cream on Deck with the Added Vanilla Protein , which made it yummier and thicker , it was re-donk-ulous !


so I look forward to those lil things , it makes my day even brighter because you know , when you ain’t taking care of yourself , everything surely does NOT flow , effortlessly. SO …. this was my first piece of heaven for the day.

my days differ from day to day, always creating my income producing activities for the majority of my day , while my funky bunch are in school , so I def do my BEST to get a lot of productivity done. The worst is when your day passed and you did nothing. I detest that feeling.

MidDay I get thirrrrrrrsty and a much needed reboost of energy is needed , so I grab Herbalife Lift Off Fuel Good in Ignite Me Orange ! Don’t like WAAATAH , No Problem … Drink This and It’s like drinking Tang for Adults , minus all the crap and it’s good for you ! Hello !!!!


so in between all the healthies , all day every 3 hours I am fueling my body with nothing but the good stuff , I had to go around and spread some LOVE !

Being a WAHM , I am usually indoors because my job doesn’t require me to go anywhere but be at home. But home can get boring and monotnous and sometimes you just need a change and personal interaction with HUMAN Beings.

and the result , today was rewarding . My son , Mason and I spread smiles, gave compliments and fed the parking meters.

It’s small little itty bitty’s that make a world of difference, and usually they are FREE to GIVE.

Give your HEART , GIVE your Time !

It costs nothing to be KIND !

so Be kind and Spread Your KINDA Love Everywhere YOU GO !!!

Good Night , Good Evening ,

My eyes are crazy heavy.

Oh Happy CAWFEE DAY ! I almost forgot !




To Your Success and Health,


Elizabeth Forero-Schoonmaker



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