Nothing Like Feeling Like Yourself … But Betta !

yeah , it’s me again,

E in Tha House …

And YES , I spelt ” the ” as ” THA ” , I always write as though I am speaking. I hate when you read things and it sounds like a ROBOT is talking , so not real !

So I speak from my heart, tell it like it is and maybe you can relate , maybe you won’t. Either way , I hope to you stay awhile.

SO, the last few days were a squash , asthma crept in on me and tada , with a blink of an eye , I was back in my other ” house ” , the hospital. Wednesday in NY was HUMID and HOT ( daytime ) and then … Nighttime rolled in and the temps plummeted and I was so not feeling that at all.

Waking up like a fish outta water is not ideal for anyone. Nebulizer didn’t work , after many attempts , that feeling of breathing through the size of pinhole is scary and I still had to get all 4 of my kids off to school …

Heaven Help Me …

Fast forward 8:30 AM – I am driving myself to the hospital, good thing it’s only 10 minutes away … YAY , but still , it’s not how I like to spend my days in The ER , I do like to get PRODUCTIVE while my kiddos are in school , but whatever ….

Thank GOD For Uggie Slippers That Kept Me Warm and Cozy πŸ˜› Hehe
























I have to say , as many times that I have been here , I am blessed that they know me, I usually don’t wait to be seen, well I should hope that anyone walking in not breathing should not have to wait , I mean HELLO you can DIE !!!! It just sucks that Asthma is not something that is really taken seriously by many. It’s awful.

Anyway , as I was saying my mornings always start of with my herbashakes , but not today, today was not the day to expend more energy than I had. Today was the day that I was happy that I actually had a replacement meal bar , handy, there is a method to the madness , I get you Herbalife and THANK YOU , or else I would have been starving ….

Express Meal Bar is Tha Sheeeeeeet , Cookies & Cream is Off tha CHAIN !

I carry my workflow everywhere I go & I can do that when your work is your quite literally something you can do anywhere. Always a perk ! Always be prepared for any given moment. I carry my meds, duh , carry my books ( boredom ) , carry my beauty goodies ( touch ups ) , carry mah money ( necessary ) , carry my gadgets ( mandatory ) , carry a sweater ( I am always COLD , lol ) etc … you get my drift , be prepared, whereas before I never carried snacks just in case, only cheerios and drinks for my funky bunch, now I carry my ” snacks ” and boy was I glad I had this EXPRESS Bar , bc it held me over for 5 hours , not even a gurgle from below.

Accessorized and Going Home !
Accessorized and Going Home !

Thank goodness my bangles and IV’s Looked fabulous together , but seriously over the look , time to go home. These moments where GOD slows me down, I get it , I get that , that saying ” there are limits to what yo can do ” applies to me , ( sometimes ) , sometimes I think that I can run before I can actually walk because I get so EXCITED to do things, but I have to not get ahead of myself , well bc my body can’t handle it ( just YET ) , but it will. Kinda like preparing for a marathon, I will be in the BEST Shape of My Life , come this time NEXT year. Come June 2016, I will be 125 lbs of tight and toned , back to my Prebaby weight in 2001. Yup Yup I gots goals and it’s gonna happen , with or without my asthma. It will Be !


What Breakfast and my Meds Looked Like The Following Morning ! Yummmmness !
What Breakfast and my Meds Looked Like The Following Morning ! Yummmmness !

Now on a typical day , the day after an ER visit and the beginning of a prednisone taper, Let the HUNGER GAMES Begin, LOL … Anyone ever felt this , I am sure you know what I am talking about , LOL ..

HUNGER is in your MIND, because Prednisone says so, Prednisone is like Simon Says To Me, haha !!!


No, not anymore. I realized it’s all in my mind. I refuse to get those water retained chipmunk looking cheeks, I refuse to gain 10 more unwanted pounds, I refuse to be asked if I am expecting again, OH HELL NO !!!!

I am going to WATCH what I eat , stay on my Herbalife Nutritional Plan, Take my vitamins, drink WATER , do my meditation, yoga and pilates and just WATCH what I eat, I am even using a journal to keep track of everything. I am serious about getting back to E, Me.

I have wasted to many years with my bullshit excuses ( pardon my french ) and reasons WHY I couldn’t get back into me, it’s OVER. My TIME has come to make a difference for me , my kids, my husband, my family and my friends.

Face is NOT Getting Chipmunk Cheeks, I will NOT look like I am storing food for the winter , LMAO πŸ˜›

This was me, yesterday, I woke up late and decided that everyday you gotta try to feel fabulous. No matter what , your energy flows to where you make it flow. I only got Posi ( Positive ) ENERGY to Expend.

The MORAL of this Long Post is that you have to make the most of what you got, what is currently happening , what God gives you , because your TODAY’s are only temporary , how you handle today is how your tomorrows will occur.

I Choose Not To LET Asthma Control Me ANYMORE !

I Choose To BE HAPPY !!!!

I Choose To SPREAD LOVE Everywhere I Go.

I Choose To Make a DIFFERENCE in People’s Lives.

These are the things That Light Me Up Like Fireworks on The 4th of July.

Thank you for reading my rambled post , but I speak from my Heart .

To Your Health and Success,


Elizabeth Forero- Schoonmaker

Your Health Coach

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Message Me if You Would Like a FREE Wellness Consultation and Let’s Get You FEELING FAFa-Fantastic Again.

Time Waits For NO One, Take Care of You , BC YOU MATTER !




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