Happy Monday : MmmmmmmMorning !!!!

Happy October 5th ,

Happy Monday !!!

Yeah , it’s that kinda day !

The day that starts off right with my …..

You GUESSED it ,



Cafe Latte , Baybee !!!

2 Scoops Cafe Latte : 4 oz Silk Coconut Milk 4 oz of H20 !


Cawfee ; That Really gives me energy !!!

Anyway, so I am so not feeling this ” crispy ” weather !!!

I mean , I do LOVE the everchanging colors and the way FALL makes me feel, but I really don’t like the Summer Heat going away.

I am one that LOVES the HEAT and well the cold is just one of those things that serves me no purpose being that I am always getting sick because of it , so BRING ON THE MIAMI HEAT , more like Florida HEAT, that is on the LifeList To Do List, I don’t believe in ” Bucket Lists ” , bucket lists seem like they are eons away, no thank you , I choose to make everything HAPPEN NOW !!!!

So on the AGENDA Today ….

Workflow , listening to my Jam my Hubbers had on his Playlist , he is My DJ …


I am an 80’s Kid , through and through , this is my MUSIC , I grew up on these Jams, so I will be bopping away , working from my home , workflow , got my lil sidekick homesick with me and Make This MONDAY , Crazy Ahmazing !!!!

There are NO EXCUSES , Everyday will throw some kind of Fireball at you , but it’s how you DEAL with them that matters most !

Miki Says , HEYYYYY !
Miki Says , HEYYYYY !

LapTopLifeSTYLE : 2 Hours …

Love YOUR Flow !
Love YOUR Flow !

Then ….

You should always Find Time To Squeeze in Time To SWEAT …

I am going Jane Fonda Style Today with My Chalene Johnson , Turbo FIYAH !

20 Minutes of a BURN , Yup Yup I am taking these Baybee STEPS and FLYING !!!!

I love this woman , she has made working out a BLAST !

This is the VIDEO I Follow and LaLaLOVE !

Turbo KICK :

I am working my way up to completing the whole 40 minutes of it , 2o minutes in and feeling Fabulous !

You gotta do what feels good , I follow my own beat, my own rules, I could care less about what everyone else is doing !

MAKE YOUR OWN NOISE , I say , lol …

So ….

Off to make today crazy ahmmmmmmazzzzing , Cease The Day !

Wishing you all Health and Success,


Elizabeth Forero – Schoonmaker

FitPreneuer | Health Coach

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Start LIVING ….. STOP Existing !!!!


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