Don’t Feel Like a CAMEL …. I Got Something For You !

A camel is what I have felt like , actually more like a water buffalo …

Retaining water is no joke.

and in my lifetime I have experienced it through prednisone and pregnancy. In both cases I looked like a water buffalo. It’s all good though because , pregnancy was the most beautiful experience ever.


But prednisone , Um NO ! I felt not even a little glamourous …

My gosh , Β I wish I knew about Herbalife years ago, years ago , I wish I knew about all the awesomeness that is HERBALIFE , Holy moses, I don’t have BLOAT or Water Retention Issue anymore , thanks toooooo .

Ladies and Gentleman …



Fast Inch Loss Product- HerbaLife Cell-U-Loss
Fast Inch Loss Product- HerbaLife Cell-U-Loss

According to Herbalife :Β Formulated with corn silk, an herb traditionally used to support healthy elimination of water.*

Key Benefits
Minerals help maintain electrolyte balance and a healthy pH level.*


According to Me :

It’s the most ahmazzzzzingest PRODUCT I ever used !


Ladies ,

You feel me when I say , No More PMS Bloating or Bloating in general.

This just sucks the water right out , I am not even joking !!!

I can zip my jeans , no more muffin top , It’s amazing what happens when you stick to a plan …

Consistency makes a world of difference !!!

To give the gist :

Shake : Tablet ( AM )

Shake : Tablet ( Noon )

Healthy Dinner : Tablet

3 Times a DAY is all it takes to start shedding that unwanted water weight !!!

You Can THANK Me Later !!!!

It’s all about how you FEEL , walking around day in and day out carrying weight that wasn’t mine , feeling like I was dragging everyday, clothes didn’t feel like they used to, being tired all the time, is not the way to feel !

LIVING instead of Existing is The WAY to Be.

25 years of Nonsense is OVER …

A NEW DAY , a NEW E Has Been BORN ..

Join Me and Let’s Do This TOGETHER !!

{{{{ }}}}

To Your Health and Success,


Elizabeth Forero – Schoonmaker

Your Health Coach


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