My Secret Weapon : Minus 12 Pounds , YeeeHah !!!

so , it’s been a week …

since I have been on my bloggie, truth is that I was sick …

my Kids were sick , which got me sick , was in tha hospital , back on Prednisone …

ugh , I thought to myself , here we go , pack on the pounds … AGAIN …

Nope , not this time ,

This time 1 week on a Prednisone Taper I LOST 12lbs .

Ten as of Last Week and a surprise 2 pounds this morning. AH Ha , SCORE !!!!

Wanna know my SECRET !!! ?????

The Secret Weapons !










It’s As Simple as 1,2 ,3 ..

This is the beginning of Β what your health and wellness would look like.

This is my Herbalife Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake in Dutch Chocolate.

I add 2 Scoops of The Shake

8oz of Silk Coconut Milk or Almond Milk

(( You can add whatever milk of your choice ))

Preferably Non Dairy To Give You MAXIMUM Results !

I was so not a Skim Milk or Almond Milk Drinker, in my head I thought it was going to taste like dirty water, nope I was wrong , with a Capital W !!!!



and Tada instant heaven !

Enjoy …

If I am on the Go , I add my shake to my Shaker Cup !!!


There is NO EXCUSE as To WHY I cannot fit my HERBALIFE into my Crazy Chaotic Busy LIFE …

At Home or On Tha Gooo …

HL is always with me !!!

It’s funny because I get asked all the time , but I don’t know if I am gonna like them ….

No Worries …

We Have a 3 Day Eat Challenge Where You Can TRY it out and Fall in Love with them .


6 Formula 1 Shakes in Vanilla

6 Total Control Tablets ( Curbs Your Appetite Β )


Send Me a Message To Get Yours Now !

{{{ }}}

eh hem You Can Thank Me Later !!!!


To Your Health and Success,

Elizabeth Forero – Schoonmaker


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