Sunday Monday , La La La La La !!!!

it’s Sunday night , what am I doing , watching the game with my Hubbers , Yeah , Lets GO METS , wooooohoooo !!! 4 – 0 , Loves It !!! Yeah Baybee !!!!

Lets Go METS !!!!

And of course , my lil darlings are bouncing off the roof, OMG , I don’t know what happened to them , I didn’t let them have any sweets , but they are crazy as I am trying to sit and write my post , ah ha the life of a busy mom, work at home mom of 4 , definitely ain’t easy , but it is so worth it ….

Anyway ….

It’s SUNDAY , do you know what that means , it means that tomorrow is ….

MONDAY , yeah , I love Monday’s ….

Sundays, I get to do some research , I get to do some preplanning , I get to do some much needed Personal Development , I get to work with my Hubbers, I get to work and watch the game , I get to DREAM Up Crazy Ideas of what is next inside the Mind of E , yeah , you make LIFE what you want it to be … so I choose to make it fun and exciting , like an endless adventure ..

Personal Development : Deepak Chopra

Thinking today , thinking yesterday , geez don’t we all think everyday. Everyday a new thought , new ideas , new plans , the thing is this , what good are all these thoughts, these master plans in our minds , don’t do us any service if they remain in our minds.

These BRILLIANT ideas that POP into our minds , are like whispers from up above and the key to these ideas are to put them into ACTION , do something to start to make it happen. Start small and create something gargantuan.

With GREAT VISION anything is Possible. With Massive ACTION everything is POSSIBLE.

Work Flow Sunday Night
Work Flow Sunday Night

it’s 9:34 pm ( Eastern Time ) , my girls are getting ready to go to bed, I gotta remind my son to do this , do that , which probably drives him nuts , but oh, well I wouldn’t be doing ” my job ” if I didn’t , so be it , it is what it is …

Sunday Monday , La La , La La La … Kinda like the Mommas and The Pappas Song, Monday Monday —- So Good To Me ….

I am EXCITED about what tomorrow will bring.

Starting Time : 5am ….

I have to say that staying on a timed schedule is a challenge for me, but I am getting better and better at it everyday. Everything is MINDSET , and I have my MIND SET on Just One Thing.


QUITTING Anything in my life had never been an option, I Always See Everything to the very end, I am Fighter of My Dreams , hello , I am a Fighter of YOUR DREAMS , Hello !!!

I don’t know but I just love life and all the opportunity it has to offer. Life starts outside of the everyday box.

Good Night From NewYork ,

To Your Health and Success,


Your Health Coach

Elizabeth Schoonmaker

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