Reflections and Your True Calling !

Hey Hey , It’s E .

What a weekend and how the things that you least expect can dramatically change your mind and life.

I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason and we are to stay open to all opportunities that make there way to us.

Call me mystical or whatever , I also believe that everything was already written in the stars and that we are obligated to make our destinies come to life.

In my 38 years I have followed my dreams , created a few , made mistakes, learned from them , fallen in love with passions of mine I didn’t think I would ever divulgeΒ , did what was expected of me , hid behind my dreams afraid of what others would think , afraid of disappointment , let people trample on my dreams and then it happened , I WOKE UP.

You see I think that as children we see the WORLD as our Giant Playground , the world is our oyster and there is nothing we cannot do, FEARLESS is tattooed on our hearts as children. Funny how that changes as we get older , as our young lil bones grow into our older souls.

Now as an almost 39 year old, a mother of 4 rambunctious children , wifey of my hunky husband as I LOVE to call him and tell him that everyday, artist , graphic designer, makeup artist , mentor and health coach , I feel like I am finally in the skin I was meant to be in.

It’s taken a lot of personal development , a lot of finding myself and allowing myself to DREAM BIG < THE BIGGEST DREAMS > , it’s taken to try new things , fail forward , it’s taken to do more listening and a lot less talking. Its taken a lot of stepping outside my box and just going for it.

You never know what you are capable of until you try , I am not talking about giving it the ol heave ho and see ya later. I am talking about immersing yourself in your passions or new career paths and giving your wings air to fly , to soar …..

So as I reflected upon my life , the actions I have to take to make my wildest dreams come to fruition , as I reflected upon my life and where I want to take it, I realized that just as I was when I was 7 years old and believed that everything and anything was possible , I know this now with every fiber of my being that YES, The World is in FACT my OYSTER and heaven help the person or persons that want to try to step in my way , I will run them over , quicker than quick.

Know who you are, OWN who you are, remove any unwanted negativity in your life that bogs you down , surround yourself with creative and inspirational people that want what you want and will lift you instead of drown you. Truth it up to only US to Change Things if you want the outcome to be different than your current situation.

Delving back to 1994, I was 17 years old and knew that one day I was going to have an impact on peoples hearts and move their souls. I think I rediscovered that this past week. I rediscovered myself again and came to the conclusion that I am , we are constantly evolving and I am so loving on Me now.

I am exited , truly EXCITED to see what the future holds for me and my family, our whys always are our families yet always GROW into something bigger than ourselves.

If you are where I was , lost and confused , maybe thinking geez by now I should have my life all together, STOP IT , there is no book in this lifetime that says that by such and such date we are to have this or that success, please it’s a lie we tell ourselves. Know that your time is coming , just don’t give up and keep pushing till you find you and follow those dreams that keep you up at night ….

SO , good night my night owls, I am off to my dreamstate …



Elizabeth Schoonmaker

Your Health and Wellness Coach



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