5 Reasons You Should Purchase Your New Years Weight Loss System Today !

5 Reasons You Should Purchase Your New Years Weight Loss System Today !

Tis the season baby, yes yes , we are all excited about the ball dropping, but let me tell you 5 reasons you should purchase your new years weight loss system today. I see a lot of people procrastinating, a lot of people holding onto their old ways, clinging to their life as to why they must wait till the new year to validate the reason of losing weight, more like releasing the weight.

{ NEW Mantra : RELEASE The Weight — To never find it again. To Lose something you want to find it , lets make it a plan to RELEASE that weight for good. }


I sit here , puzzled. Had I waited to start my wellness journey in September and waited to start January 1st, 2016 , I probably would be weighing more and, not to mention, it would be harder to ” release ” the weight.

So I ask you , ( in my Marisa Tomei Voice ) Why Wait ? Why Not NOW ?

5 Reasons You Should Purchase Your New Years Weight Loss System Today !

Believe me, I get it , I was the one that started writing her New Years Resolutions December 1st and the number one thing always in the last 4 years has been, Get Back in Shape.

Yeah that hasn’t worked. Up until 4 months ago when I said YES to me and everything finally worked and then some.

I no longer believe or will partake in Resolutions. They are empty promises to ourselves. We get all gung ho , yeah yeah this year will be different, this year I am gonna stick to it and then two weeks go by and the novelty of the new year fades and then what happens you go back to your old ways.

Where did that get you ?

This is why these 5 reasons are crucial as to why you need to start your weight loss system today.

Reason #1 : SUPPORT :Starting your weight loss system is not just about getting a package of shakes and tablets , oh no mon frer , you are getting a complete weight loss system. In order to have great success in your weight loss journey you must have the proper support system in play.

Who is that ? That is Me . I am your cheerleading squad and then some. Some people don’t have the comfort of relying on their family as support. Some have no one to get them through the challenges and hurdles that we face as we start this up hill battle. That is why I have made it my life’s mission to help each and every soul that crosses my path, because it brings me great joy to see people get real results following my coaching.


Reason #2 : It’s NOW or NEVER  : You are never gonna get yourself going in the right direction if you don’t get the lil nudge you need to say HEY , YES I MATTER and it’s time to put me first for once. Why must we have a date to be great, why must we wait for the sparkly ball to fall on New Years Eve to say , Ok, Now I am ready. Why not be ready NOW. Your HEALTH Is Your ONLY WEALTH ! Why not make the most important investment and that is in yourself ?

These Amazing Women INVESTED In Themselves and Are REAPING The Rewards, You CAN Tooooooo !




Reason #3 : More Than Just Shakes : We are more than just a shake company. We the number one Nutritional Company in the world. Yes , we have a wide variety of products that are going to help you lose “release ”  the weight, maintain the weight and even gain weight for everyone who weight trains. We are more than that we are community of people who live and breathe helping people live healthier lifestyles, because when it comes down to it , if you have no energy , what is the point ?




Reason #4 : SAY YES To You ! : Take it from someone who’s daily intake of cawfee was 3-8 cups of cawfee, yes , I am not even kidding and I wasn’t eating properly to top it all off. Never ate breakfast , ever … I was always with cawfee in hand , that was breakfast , snacks, lunch another snack. Talk about unhealthy and my water intake was minimal as well. But , that all changed when I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was tired of being sluggish, tired , over weight , unhappy with my appearance , I mean where did my person I was so proud of go ? I just had to do it and decide the time is NOW, we are all here on borrowed time , what if tomorrow never comes and we keep postponing to , I will do it tomorrow.

Stop saying , I will start after the New Year and START Today !



Reason #5 : The CHEERING SQUAD: Remember what I said about having a support system, yeah, here at Herbalife, it’s our pride and joy to be your Cheering Squad. When you go to your local nutrition store and purchase your supplements and meal replacements , you do not leave with a Wellness Coach , or Customized Nutrition & Fitness Plans , you do not walk out with Daily Motivational Calls and Emails , you do not leave with Online Coaching. You just don’t , that is what sets us apart. That is what sets me apart , because I will go above and beyond to ensure that you get REAL RESULTS, that you FEEEEEEEL AMAZING , ensure that you have the BEST SUPPORT SYSTEM and that is Me , I am your cheering squad , your pillow of support. That is my promise to you. I know how important it was to me to have my Coach give me those bouts of support and love, therefore it’s my goal to give you the best experience in your weight loss journey.

Because your success is my success.


5 Reasons You Should Purchase Your New Years Weight Loss System Today !

I hope that I laid out the importance in choosing now rather than waiting. Waiting is a disservice to you , to your wellness. Honestly , how do you feel right this second ? How do you look right now ? However that is , it’s because of us that we feel and look the way we do. No one told us to put those burgers in our mouths or put those slices of pizza in our mouths or guzzled that soda down, nope it was by our own free will that we overindulged in those acts. The buck stops here. I was there too. I know what it feels like to be on the other side, and let me tell you this side feeeeeels way better. Hands down. Having more energy than I know what to do with , dropping 30 pounds in 3 months, bringing myself back to life is PRICELESS.


Now that I have shared with you the 5 Reasons You Should Purchase Your New Years Weight Loss System Today.

Go ahead and click on the link  and we will get you STARTED

My Fast start BONUSES are Waiting For YOU !

✅ One on One Coaching
✅ Personal Development
 ✅ Online or In Person Accountability
✅ Healthy Meals and Snack Recipes
✅ Workout Regimens
 ✅ Love and SUPPORT
✅ Invite Only Workout Group Calls { LA/NY }
✅ Weekly Video Chat Calls
 ✅ Grocery List & Meal Prep Ideas
✅ Successful Slim Down Survival Guide
✅ Private Challenge Support Group & Community
Welcome To Tha Best LIFE EVER & Get Ready To Have The Transformation of a Lifetime!

See You On The INSIDE ,












Coach Elizabeth

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