Preplanning …. My Saturday Night

It’s only , what day 3 of 2016, and how excited am I to start this new year. I think that because we are able to hit the reset button come every new year , heck we can hit reset any day we want. I personally don’t believe in ” New Year Resolutions ” only because of what I just said, you can reset your days everyday, you don’t need a Date and a Sparkly Ball to dictate your start over , honestly , think about it.

Everyday up until December 31st, 2015 , I had heard soo many people say or tell me, Elizabeth I wanna wait till the New Year to start my wellness journey or Elizabeth , I won’t be ready till the new year.

We put so much pressure on ourselves , I tell you , unnecessarily.

4 months ago , I hit my major RESET button. I reset every aspect of my life , because I was sick and not just tired, I was EXHAUSTED , gosh darn it. Seriously spent.

Between my asthma issues and my weight gain , my body could no longer keep up with my brain that is continuously going a mile a minute. Something had to give and I was bound and determined to find it.

And along came my wellness company, that is more than just shakes, it brought me back to life on every level. As a work at home mother of 4 who has spent the last 14 years in child rearing , dealing with a health ailment and just trying to deal with everyday life with out losing my marbles was a feat in itself.

That is WHY my New Years Day came in September. I just decided that , Elizabeth comes first in this equation and that is that, because without us mommies, I don’t know about you , but I feel we are the glue that holds it all together , yes the husbands got things under control and much props and love to my husband , but there is something about a womans touch that is something irreplaceable.

4 months and 32 pounds down , I gained a few pounds since the holidays and another round of prednisone has me retaining some water, I am PROUD of myself.

NOW back at my game, committed to 90 Days of 100 Percent with my team. Preplanning on this Saturday / Early Sunday Morning, the Will Do Lists, Clients Plans , Graphics and More.

I decided that I am 10Xing my Life and Business times 10 , like Grant Cardone. Which that is my book of this month. Really rereading it, taking notes and implementing nothin but ACTION till 12/31/16.

Truth of the matter is this , no matter what your GOALS are in Life , it doesn’t mean a DAMN thing unless you put your heart, mind , body and soul into it , and I am talking no holds bar, pardon my NY French, Balls to The Wall , ACTION !

So, I had to just speak my mind freely , while it is quiet in my house, I had to just share my thoughts, and I think that maybe if any of you read this , maybe you can relate.

I feel that wherever we are in LIFE , we just have to keep it real , nothing fancy or smancy, just REAL.

So , for tonight , like my Fave Group , Faithless said ,

God is a DJ.

Getting my giant headphones on , turning the music way up and gonna create the night away.

Got my Herbal Tea Concentrate in Raspberry , my brains and my heart and away we go.

On the real, don’t wait to make your life happen now. I know I spent way too much time contemplating what was the right path I should take, always listening to naysayers , listening to what others thought was right for me, but never truly listening to what God was whispering to me , what led me to this place in my life right now. Now that I can merge my love for my art and my love for helping people feel better , Life is NOW Complete and you know what that feels ahmazzzzzzing !

So , do what you love, no matter if it goes against the grain , you were destined to be GREAT,


To Your Success,


Your Elite Complete

Personal Wellness Coach

Elizabeth Schoonmaker



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