Happy Sunday, Weekly Prep and a HAPPY Grateful Heart

Happy Sunday,

It’s dreary and surprisingly warm here in NY , sitting on my couch blogging, chilling with my hubbers , Brady Bunch playing in the background …

Simplicity is best, in my world I enjoy the small things like this. Ha , I dreamed of having a husband and 4 kiddos , checked that off my list, lol , dreamed of having my own businesses from home , checked that off my list , building them as they are by my side makes my HEART very grateful.

Crazy we are only one week in this beautiful new year. I discovered on Tuesday on a trip to the ER because my asthma was acting up that I dropped down to my December Goal Weight of 135. YAY , accomplishment. I honestly never thought I was gonna get to that weight 5 months ago. I just didn’t see it when I started my Herbalife Nutrition, depressed at 170 pounds , how was I gonna lose all that weight.

5 months later , holy cow , it really wasn’t that hard because of how scrumptious Herbalife is , how doable the nutrient plans are and how it all fit into my life perfectly into my life , like the missing puzzle piece.



Reach 125 pounds by January 31st.

Once I reach that , it’s Tight and TONE City Baybee ! I have BIG THINGS I WANT To Accomplish this YEAR and If The ENERGY isn’t on POINT , then what is the point in pursuing your dreams.

I didn’t realize last year how completely deteriorated  I was August of 2015, between the weight gain of overeating , the high dosages of prednisone, the water retention , losing density in my bones, the debilitating pain I was waking up with and trying to endure through the day , my body and my mind were shot, spent , I could not find the energy to do my first passion and that is my ART, no energy to dream up any ideas and put them on paper. I felt like that part of me was slipping through my fingers. Could NOT LET THAT HAPPEN !

And that was what pushed me to stop the bull sheeeeet , I need to take my life back and quick. I was missing out on my kids, my husband , my life’s DREAM, I am incomplete without my creative side.

What makes you COMPLETE , What Motivates You ?

With this new week upon me , I have my WILL DO LIST in place for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

In a lil while Meal Prep for the Week , OMG first time for that phase of my nutrition , that is another thing that is going to make a huge difference , see it’s the little things we tweak that make huge strides in our wellness journeys. I am EXCITED to see how my body is gonna change this month.

Following Her Amazing Ideas This WEEK .


I am excited to share all this awesomeness with my team , my clients …. We are on our way to FEELING Crazy Amazing FOR GOOD !

We are RELEASING WEIGHT FOR GOOD My Beautiful People of Everywhere.


Losing weight means we lost something and it needs to be FOUND, we don’t want to FIND that weight ever again , therefore we are RELEASING IT !

Who is with me ?

If you are ready to RELEASE IT With Me and My Team , Email Me :


SUBJECT : I am In !

It’s YOUR TURN To Feel As Amazing as I Do and I WILL Coach You and Ensure That YOU Get The RESULTS You WANT, Together is Better.

All Wellness Plans INCLUDE :

✅ One on One Coaching
✅ Personal Development
 ✅ Online or In Person Accountability
✅ Healthy Meals and Snack Recipes
✅ Workout Regimens
 ✅ Love and SUPPORT
✅ Invite Only Workout Group Calls { LA/NY }
✅ Weekly Video Chat Calls
 ✅ Grocery List & Meal Prep Ideas
✅ Successful Slim Down Survival Guide
✅ Private Challenge Support Group & Community
Welcome To Tha Best LIFE EVER & Get Ready To Have The Transformation of a Lifetime!
To Your Wellness and SUCCESS,
Your Personal Wellness Coach,
Elizabeth Forero – Schoonmaker
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It’s Time To Start LIVING and Stop EXISTING !







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