Health Hiccups, Refueled …. Walk In Your OWN Fire !

So , the last two days were a squash.

Breathing through the size of pinhole is no fun what so ever , just saying …..

So you can get a mental picture …















Lungs slammed on the brakes hard and I found myself not breathing and in the ER , YAY and then followed by a fast revisit back to ER that same day because the treatments weren’t enough, needed that extra boost of solemedrol , fun stuff , let the water weight commence , Β ain’t no thang but a chicken wing. I already gained 4 wonderful pounds of water weight.

But you take the good with the bad, I need to breathe to be functioning at 100 % for me, my family and my crew of crazy amazing clients and team members , HELLO ! So be it , gain some good old fashioned water retention all in the name of breathing , sure , they key with this challenge for me is not let the steroids overtake me. The power of those damn pills when they have you craving the No No’s in the Wee Hours is no JOKE, but I have worked way to hard to release this weight in 5 months, that I have disciplined myself to JUST SAY NO !!!! LOL

I say , you gotta make light of every situation.

DO I enjoy these unpredictable attacks, oh HELL NO , But it’s my blessing in disguise. I say blessing in disguise because through my trials and tribulations , I have met so many beautiful souls in my hospital , today I encountered a lovely couple that got on a 3 day trial to start their wellness journey and I met a beautiful lady that was in there for a flare up of her arthritis, quickly drawn to me or drawn to them, I make friends everywhere I go and hope to spread some love where it is needed.

spread your love







When you have struggled with oh just a few things , you have empathy for those around because you never know who you will meet and the effect you will have on their lives …

So always try to have your happy hat on and be sure to give of yourself selflessly …..

Greatest gift you can give is you.

We have the POWER to change the way someone can FEEL.

It’s rather remarkable and priceless.

Never take humanity for granted.

Anyway , I had to get that off my chest. I am a writer, I think , I FEEL , I write , not into proper English and all that jazz, I write , how I talk … Nuff said ….

I am WIDE AWAKE now , thank you high dosages of Prednisone, but it’s all good , my family is sleeping , I get to glance at my Hunky Husband as he sleeps I get to Build These Dreams That Don’t Let Me SLEEP , I get to put in MOTION my Plan of ATTACK , I get to EXECUTE AND CRUSH THIS 2016.

Yeah , I am pretty much fired up all the time, I am always working , bc I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how I FEEL , I mean right now I am spent from trying to breathe and stay breathing comfortably, all in all though I FEEL GREAT , I love seeing where my transformation is headed and what I accomplished since September 2015.

Walking and Stepping Into My OWN FIRE …









Setting The BAR High …

Time To FLY MY Friends,


Let’s Gooooooooo !

Join Me In This CRAZY Amazing Lifestyle Change :

To Your Wellness and Success,










Your Personal Wellness Coach,

Elizabeth Forero Schoonmaker

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