Happy Monday , Change Your Choices !

Happy Monday ….

Happy AUGUST 1st.

Seriously , though , I am always gung ho about everyday , WHY Β > Duh , because everyday that we wake up, we are ALIVE.

No day should go without waking up and saying , THANK YOU GOD , for another day on this beautiful earth, regardless of how your life is right this very second.

Sometimes , ” LIFE ” Isn’t going exactly as we thought it would go, or there are some major bumps in the road, but that my friends should not be an EXCUSE as to why you cannot change the direction in which you would like your life to go.

I am a testament to that scenario.

A year ago, my life was , lets just say all over the place, I knew I where I wanted to go, but I was lacking in a few departments,

The Energy Department

The Health Department

The Motivation Department

When all those departments are not in alignment with your whole person, it feels like the whole world is upside down and getting the that PLACE OF YES may seem galaxies away ….

Fortunate for us , that things do CHANGE and the reason they CHANGE is because we CHOOSE to CHANGE.

That is the bottom line.

You Choose.

So, this is WHY I rise with a pep in my step everyday because LIFE can always be worse , LIFE can always throw a crazy curve ball at you but TRUTH is , it’s how you handle those obstacles.

I decided that all those areas of my life that I mentioned above needed some major improvements and had to find a way to pull myself out of that slump, because being an busy mom of 4, a wife , running work from home businesses and trying to juggle the home life , was extremely hard when I had no energy , I was sick all the time and I had to motivation to anymore than I was already doing and struggling financially didn’t help either.

In one year , things can dramatically CHANGE, it’s ultimately a choice.

I choose to get HEALTHY.

I found my PURPOSE.

And I regained my CONFIDENCE which in turn helped me , help others do the same.

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So , OMG , YAY , Everyday is a BLESSING …

When you realize that everything can and will be corrected by simply making a quick mindset reset , that YES , everything is gonna be ok. God is on my side, I am gonna change my situation and nothing is gonna hold me back.

LIFE as YOU Knew It , is GONE …. The FUTURE becomes BRIGHTER …

That is how I CHANGED my Life around and how it keeps evolving , because I choose to find the happiness in everyday and keep propelling myself and those around me forward,

We were made MADE for GREATNESS, it’s about TIME , we STOP living Mediocre Lives and START LIVING !


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Make your day Crazy Ahmazzzzing !










All My Love,

Your Coach E.

Elizabeth Schoonmaker

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” Start Living and STOP Existing ”



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