3 Ways To Stay Motivated on Your Weightloss Journey

3 Ways To Stay Motivated on Your Weightloss Journey

Hey hey , It’s Coach E,

Happy Monday !!!!!

It’s been a quick minute since I ” blogged ” , my goodness this month has been crazy. I have been journaling a lot in the last 4 months and have been keeping track of what works for me and what can stay on the back burner. Not all things work and some , JUST DO.

When I started my wellness journey I was READY , I wanted to get rid of this unwanted weight and be done with it , it was a long overdue break up with my fatness. DONE, so staying motivated was relatively easy. But for some , that can be a feet in itself.

I became a cheerleader for my clients and friends that joined this journey with me and that sometimes we need a lot of MOTIVATION not to GIVE UP.  I mean really it’s a mind game we play with ourselves, why we can’t , why we shouldn’t , why we really want that ice cream or why we can justify that one slice or two of pizza won’t throw our nutrition out the window, but truthfully it does …

Coming to the realization that HELLO , we are taking control of our LIVES and BODY is HUGE step in the right direction , and yes it’s gonna be WORK, and yes it’s gonna make you wanna QUIT a hundred times over , but you know what , YOU GOT THIS, I know you can do this.

So let me share with you the 3 Ways To Stay Motivated on Your Wellness Journey.

3 Ways To Stay Motivated on Your Weightloss Journey

Losing weight is something that needs constant motivation, you have to always keep that Posi ( Positive ) frame of mind , have a negative mindset is not the way to go. Remember thoughts become things and the thoughts you keep are a direct reflection of situations in your life . Sooooooooo , lets start with My No. 1 Way To Stay Motivated ….

Way No.1 – Get Yourself a Journal 

I know what you must be thinking , I have to write. YES you do, did you know that keeping a weightloss journal is essential in your journey . WHY , because this is your place of yes, no judgements, no fear, this is your place where you can just dump your thoughts, feelings and keep track of what you are eating , when you are exercising and anything else you can think of. When I look back to September of 2015 I see how far I have come , where my mindset was and where it has evolved. A year from when you started you will see what a transformation you have undergone and I am not just talking about the physical , what your mind , heart and soul do is truly remarkable.

So get that PEN AND PAPER and Get To Writing and Can I RECOMMEND These Journals . I Absolutely LOVE Them !

Go Visit This Beautiful Site : http://www.shopthewritetofeel.com !!!!








Way No.2 – YOU NEED Music 






Um, trust me on this one,  I think people have different feelings on this. But I know that for me , even on the says that I didn’t want to get my body moving, the second I turned up my playlist , BOOOM , instant HAPPY & got through my workouts no sweat !!!

SO I highly suggest you find what tickles your fancy and download them onto your iTunes or make a playlist on Pandora or even on Youtube.

Make it your go to space to tune the world out and get your workout in , no if’s , ands, or butts !!!!

I will share my playlist with you here , my taste in music varies so here are a few choices 😀

Way No.3 – Recommit Yourself EVERY WEEK 

This one was HUGE for me especially when I started because I had a few hiccups until I got into the swing of my own things , I mean truthfully this is a work in progress type of situation, no one gets it right on the first try, HELLO, we gotta work at it and find our on groove if you know what I am saying.

So each week, starting on Sundays.

Set a Goal of what you want to accomplish. I set 3 so I don’t overwhelm myself.

For example :

Stay Away From The Ice Cream I Know You Want It But Save That For a Cheat Day and You Can Have Your Thermobond.

DRINK That Water . Stay on Your Nutrition, Drink Your Shakes , No Excuses E.

Get That Booty Moving.

Seriously , this is how I speak to myself and how I speak to you, lol

This way each week you are setting new goals , keep it light & fun, Don’t take yourself too seriously , life is soooooo short, it should be LIVED , so have fun with yourself.

I do !!!!



There is nothing more annoying and hurtful to be around people who misunderstand you, poke fun at you for wanting get healthy or simply think you are crazy. Something I learned a looooonnnnng time ago , in business and in wellness, YOU MUST SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKEMINDED PEOPLE. Because if you don’t , when you feel like quitting , those people that are against what you are trying to do are not gonna stop you , in fact they will encourage that you quit , you don’t want that , when you are having a moment of weakness. You need people ( like Me ) who are gonna encourage you to keep going, because even though the road may get bumpy , it may feel like you are stagnant , you keep PUSHING. No Matter WHAT !

Way No. 5 ( That HOT Lil Number That You Have Been Dying To Wear )

You know there is something about wearing a killer lil black dress or a sexy outfit of your choice.

I know that after 4 kids and a slew of medications , the weight gain for me was unbearable. I know longer felt sexy, nor did I feel desirable, I mean to my husband , he never made me feel that way , but it was in my own eyes that I saw my body change as I had children, as I dropped the weight and gained it all right back. The yo yo end of it was exhausting and between you and I , I wanted to get that jaw dropping effect on my husband , you know that  look when you both just met.

So my view on this is, this ….

Pull out that dress or outfit that you have been dying to wear. Track your progress as you begin to see how your body is changing and how it’s beginning to fit back into those clothes you once wore. And the simple fact of just pulling it out serves as a visual reminder of the goals you have set for yourself.

For me as simple as this may sound, my goal is a pair of ripped jeans I loved wearing, paring it with a simple V-neck White T-shirt and my Cowboy boots is how I feel the sexiest 😀

What is Your Favorite Outfit That You Want To Get Back Into ?

Lastly my friends,

Axel Rose said it BEST , Just a lil PATIENCE ……

Rome was definitely not BUILT in a day and we are not gonna drop crazy weight in just a few weeks. You need to have the proper nutrition , form great eating habits, get on a daily routine , incorporate your fitness and shift your mindset.

And above all PATIENCE, you can do this, you are doing it. Don’t lose it because you didn’t drop any weight this week , next week is a fresh week to start over and tweak a few things, be mindful and kind to yourself.

I wanted to share with you the RESULTS I had , in 1 Year I Released a Total of 60lbs , Yeah I was Super EXCITED Because I am Just 20 Days Short of My 1 Year Anniversary When I Started My Wellness Journey !







And let me tell you, that at times it was hard , at times I was like why am I not enjoying my Oreo cookie and Ice Cream ? Oh , yeah because you are tired of feeling fluffy and falling out of your jeans , that’s why you put them down.

Truthfully though I am so thankful that my meal replacement shakes tasted exactly like Ice Cream , I mean if not better.

Dutch Chocolate is my Dream Come True, y’all !!!! This was my secret weapon , and it still is ….


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Cheers To Your Health and Wellness,











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2 Replies to “3 Ways To Stay Motivated on Your Weightloss Journey”

  1. That is such a great transformation in one year! Good for you! You are motivation, all by itself! Another great app for the desktop, tablet and phone is Spotify. You can listen to artists albums, songs, others playlists or make your own playlist. Plus it’s FREE. Thanks for the tips.


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