3 Reasons Why DIETS Don’t Work

Wow , can I tell you, In the last few days of reviewing emails, comments and just speaking with my ladies, one of the main reasons that people can’t stick to their ” DIETS ” , the reasons are understandable , but definitely changeable , truthfully if you want change your will make it HAPPEN , am I right or am I right > Insert a Double Wink πŸ˜‰ <

Now let me correct y’all before I start ….

Our Philosophy is Diets Do NOT Work …

They Don’t , I , like you , how many yo yo diets have we been on , seriously , I know I don’t have enough fingers on my hands to count , haha πŸ˜›

LIFESTYLE CHANGES on the other hand , WORK !!!!

Diets : They deprive you of things that you would like to eat

A lifestyle change gives you a better quality of life, improves your Β health and conditioning, in short , diets are temporary and lifestyle changes are permanent ….

Would you ,

A , Like To Feel Good For a Little While


B , LOVE To Feel GREAT Forever ….

Think About That For a Moment …

Don’t Worry I’ll Wait …

3 Reasons Why DIETS Don’t Work & How You Can Change That.

As I was telling you asking my girlfriends , they shared their thoughts with me on why diets don’t work .


The word ” Diet” alone makes you feel like you already can’t have this or that. Now don’t get me wrong , it’s not to say that you can go engorge on a box of donuts or a pint of ice cream like it ain’t no thang, seriously , but when you are on the right nutrition and micronutrients that help support your body on all levels, a donut here and a few scoops of ice cream there , aren’t going to hurt that much, with the help of Thermobond.

Why I LOVE MY Lifestyle CHANGE So Much. I never deprive myself of anything, I eat what I want, in portions of course , but I do not tell myself NO, all the time. Truthfully I don’t CRAVE all the nonsense anymore. When you make a decision, all those foods that once made you soooooo happy, won’t taste as ahmazzzzing.

Packing on the pounds isn’t quite delicious when you see RESULTS. Why Go Backwards ?


LOOK, lets be real here , seriously , you are not gonna drop crazy weight in one week, 10lbs in one week. Not happening.

50lbs in 3 months, not happening.

You need to remember that changing your lifestyle, one that is healthy , one that you are not only going to see results , one that you are gonna see forever results with, you need to take it slow and be patient.



Believe me I get it , sometimes eating fills that only void in our souls, sometimes food is the only friend when no one is around, food has no way of judging or criticizing, my goodness , my sweethearts , I know what that feels like.

Between , drowning my heartaches and sorrows in my journals and food, one out of the two was killing me slowly.

I have 4 beautiful children and an amazing husband, I want to be my absolute best for them, for myself , to be able to ENJOY LIFE That God has bestowed upon us. LIFE is too short not to LIVE IT to it’s Fullest Potential.

We need nutrition to live , to survive, we shouldn’t use food as a crutch to close ourselves off to the world, we should use it as it was intended , to FUEL Our Bodies with the Proper Nutrients , to Be able to set out as we were called to do.

Look into the MIRROR of Your SOUL and Get REAL With You ….

and Why Not Add a Reason No.4 …..TEMPTATION

Temptation is Killer.

If you know that you are starting your wellness journey , then you need to eliminate all temptations, I mean get rid of them , donate them to your church, give um to people who may need it , but def get it out of sight and get it out of mind, to make your journey less tempting. Replace it with the good stuff that way you are less likely to slip up πŸ˜€

TRUST ME , YOU GOT THIS , If I Can Do It , So Can You MAMAS πŸ˜€

and Lastly Ladies ….

Reason No.5 – Don’t FORGET TO EAT ….

yeah I know , my title post said 3 Reasons, but when I get writing I can’t stop …..

Diets can make you feel like you are counting calories and counting points, ain’t NOBODY Got TIME For That.

Eating seriously becomes a chore on those damn diets, ugh !!!!

Eating the way I do with My Nutrition Plan eliminates all that nonsense. I have not counted a calorie not once, nor do I care to. I definitely read my labels, but as far as tallying up the calories, um no THANK YOU.

Let me tell you what my Nutrition consists of :

Ready , ready …

2 Shakes a Day

2 High Protein Mini Meals aka Snacks 2x’s a Day

1 Colorful Protein, Greens and Complex Carbs Dinna

Supplements 3x’s a Day

Between Drinking Some Yummy in Between Teas and Water …..

LADIES , I am singing from the rooftops , I haven’t felt better. Almost 40 in December FEELS GLORIOUS.


When you are not eating, your body goes into starvation mode ,Β severely restricting your calories actually prevents your body from burning unwanted fat stores effectively – and unfortunately, this means that you ain’t dropping that weight.

So you need to EAT To Lose.

Eat The PROPER Food & Nutrients For Your Body To BURN Tha Fatties Off πŸ˜€

and EAT on a Timed Nutrient Plan, I Will Teach You All About That Anotha Time.

The point is DO NOT STARVE YOURSELVES Please !!!!


You can start by saying YES to You ! I would love for you to TRY our nutrition program and start getting healthy and start getting your results. Start feeling crazy amazing , start wanting to get out and do the things that you have put on the back burner.

We have No LIFE if we are not doing the things we LOVE.

So on the real, STOP making every excuse WHY you can’t. And list all the many reasons on why you should.

This is one thing you should not place on the back burner …. YOUR HEALTH.

The slew of problems when you IGNORE the things you should pay the most intention to could be life threatening.

I say this to you with my heart.

For a long time, I played with my life. I suffered from severe asthma and severely allergic to certain foods and elements of the earth , and before I started my wellness journey , I had a terrible knocking on heavens door health scare. I suffered a severe asthma attack that nearly took me. And up until that point , I lived carelessly with my health, I didn’t Pay ATTENTION to the signs my body was giving me, I wasn’t caring enough about me and that was so selfish of me bc I didn’t measure the consequences and the precious souls I would be leaving behind if I didn’t step up the plate of my own life and start taking ownership of it and start LIVING.

Only you can make that leap , Only I can CHEER YOU ON & Together We Can ACHIEVE SUCCESS .

For you all to FEEL HOW I FEEL is The GREATEST GIFT.

Say YES to you. Make You Your #1 Priority.

To CONTACT Me NOW and Set Up An Appointment to CHAT ,

Email Me AT :


Cheers To You,








Elizabeth Schoonmaker

Personal Wellness Coach




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