Happy Monday : Come Back New !

Hey hey everyone,

I am back and back for good. Happy Monday, or MonYAY as I love to put it.

I had a long hiatus, since the beginning of the year. I went from being super excited , ready to buckle down and get things going to having a death in the family that completely crushed my heart, had an extremely hard time coping, also the anniversary of my mother’s passing was approaching and seriously you wonder how much can I take, and it’s amazing how resilient the mind, heart and soul are. I definitely was going through a very personal roller coaster ride of my own, it Β was up down this way that way sort of thing. The growth we encounter through hard times it something that can leave us baffled at times but quickly realize how much LIGHT we have become throughout the process.

So with that being said,

I am just over the moon that I am taking my writing, my love for spreading love and taking this blog to something bigger than myself, because I FEEL with all my heart , when we are CALLED to do something and when are READY for the CHALLENGE, we awaken from the FOG we put ourselves in.

In the course of 2 weeks I had two major epiphanies which I will share with you because hey why not.
Quite possibly something that I have encountered and was inspired by can do the same for you and propel you do move forward in your life. Because TRUTH , Staying STAGNANT Sucks.

March 25th, 2017 – My Husband and I embarked on a journey of our own. Celebrating 16 years together this coming June, we were gifted a Honeymoon Cruise on The Crown Princess to the Eastern Carribean for a whole 8 days minus our 4 children. OMG, can I tell you, we were Β beyond over the moon excited crazy happy when we found out 9 months ago, the anticipation, the preparation for our very first trip alone in 16 years. It was more than in my wildest dreams. It was everything and then some, it was PERFECT.

The trip itself brought more than just relaxation, it brought rekindling our love, it brought back clarity, it brought to me a FIRE I cannot put into words alone the excitement to feel that energy and excitement about bringing my PERSONAL DREAMS to LIFE. Bringing my Purpose and Passion LIFE. Merging my two loves together and Creating a LIFE We Don’t Need a Vacation From.

It brought the realization that I want more of what those 8 days gave me. It made me realize that I need to retire my husband so we can create our life our way, minus 9-5’s and restrictions. Β It’s crazy because you spend your LIFE doing what is expected of you. ” get a JOB ” ” Pay The BILLS ” ” Do What You Gotta Do ” , at what expense , your health, your mind ?

Part of my WHY : E Loves T and My Other 4 Why’s , WHY I Do What I Do ,Because I LOVE Them That Much To CREATE A LIFE WE ALL Don’t Need a Vacation From.

Shit, excuse my french,

That is just not OKAY in my book, we weren’t put here on this earth to be AVERAGE, we were CREATED for GREATNESS. We were created to LIVE in ABUNDANCE and LIVE Our BEST Lives Doing whatever sets our souls on FIRE. Doing what God placed in our hearts to be. It would be a great disservice to the world to not become your greatest version of yourself.

And that is what one of my epiphanies were. STOP Playing SMALL because you’re afraid of what the outcome could be. The outcome of you ( me ) stepping into my greatness , wholeheartedly and fearlessly could create serious waves of CHANGE for all parties involved. What a glorious feeling to be a part of creating those ripples of crazy ahmazzzzing in someone else’s life. SO Go ahead my friends, strip those layers of you that are holding you back and OWN YOUR CRAZY. Own those ahmazzzzing capabilities that you possess and share it with the world, the world awaits your CRAZY πŸ˜€

EPIPHANY No.2 – What is YOUR Passion ?

When we were born, God made us with our own specific DNA , we were all born with something that makes us uniquely US. For me, that blessing came in the form of creation. In the form of ART. It came in the form of being able to bringing the visions that dance playfully in my head and for a good while I became hesitant on creating .

Lit Me UP Like The 4th of July , ANATOLE KRASNYANSKY , His work moved me and touched a part of my soul that I thought died. Art does just that , it moves a part of you that you didn’t know existed.


I got in a creation funk, creative road block is no joke if you are an artist, when you have clear ideas and visions and are mentally stuck , ooooofa it’s seriously the worst, because when something is that much a part of you , it’s suffocating when you can’t create.

I was suffering from comparing myself to others syndrome :

What if I’m not good enough. What if it gets laughed at, what if , what if , what if …. blah blah blah ….

The lies we tell ourselves to make it ok to not try , to not give it our all because the FEAR OF FAILURE is far greater than excitement of OWNING OUR MAGIC , WALKING in Our Greatness Fearlessly.

While our stay on the ship , we came across an opportunity in which I will keep hush hush until I have completed what I have set out to do …. but this thing , this THING SET MY SOUL ABLAZE , it reignited that passion , my gift, my natural born talent, to bring my world , my colorful world of Grafitti Couture to you.

All in all , the point of it all is that no matter where you are in life, no matter what is going on, we are all responsible for our LIVES and what happens to it, The blame game is horse manureΒ , it’s no one else’s fault why things did not happen for you. We choose , it’s up to us to CREATE our reality or stay stagnant and do nothing, but don’t you DARE complain about why this or that. Acknowledge it , Own your nonsense and go out and do something about it.

8 days at sea with the love of my life , made me appreciate him more, made me appreciate LIFE more. It awakened me to what we put on the back burners of life, it shook me enough to say NO to that life, it brought me to a higher level of awareness of the CAN’S and CANT’S . Can’t is officially eliminated from my vocabulary. Tell me NO and watch what happens, when you are faced with negativity and naysayers that are trying to create a ceiling for you because they don’t see what you see, you do your BEST to keep going , PUSH past the bullsh*t that tries to penetrate that fierce heart of yours. The VICTORY is inside of the CHALLENGE, inside of the possibility of CHANGE.

You know what they say ,


So , for this NEW MONYAY I leave you with these 2 thoughts :

  1. Β Are you willing to spend the rest of your life in the what if mindset ?
  2. What is your PASSION, what sets you on FIRE and are you gonna do something about it ?

Two super simple questions to sit and contemplate …

oooooo and before I forget :

You MUST MUST GET THIS BOOK , as of yesterday :

YES YOU ARE and So AM I ….

You are a BADASS by Jen Sincero , OMY WORD , Has this book got me FIRED up from the inside out.

It’s def not your typical personal development book , it’s RAW AND REAL AND Perfect.

Get ready to have your truths handed to you on a shiny silver platter of unfiltered badass.

Shake , Rattle and Roll Baybee’s !

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To Your Fearless Success,

Your Personal Wellness Coach

**** CoachE. *****

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