Hey there everyone,

My name is Elizabeth Schoonmaker , I am a 39 year old Mommi of 4 & Wifey of 14 years from Long Island , NY.

Blah blah blah , lol …

Who am I ?

I am a woman who simply LOVES LIFE. I LOVE Helping People Achieve Greatness. All my life I knew that I was destined to do something greater than myself.

My hearts passion has been and always will be My ART, I am an Artist / Graphic Designer as well.

Creating is something that lights me up in a way I cannot express.

It’s the creative outlet that allows me to bring my visions to life to share with the world.

I see art / artists as a GIFT to the world and all ART should not be hoarded , it must be shared to be experienced. SO , you will see traces of my work in my blog.

But as far as my Wellness | Mentoring & Coaching Business , well this brings something out in me that gives my life purpose and excitement.

Let me go back 5 months,

September of 2015, I was at a standstill in my life. It had been a full year since I created, a complete full year where I wasn’t getting better, ( my asthma ) was taking the life out of me, quite literally and everything surrounding my life was simply getting harder because the basis of my ” existence ” was getting heavier and heavier due to medications ( prednisone ), depression , when you are eating just to eat and comfort that hole that is building inside …. You come to the conclusion that something has to change and that only you can do that.

I made a decision in September to do a Life Overhaul.

I said YES to ME, I said YES to Herbalife.

I knew that my mindset was ready to embrace the changes that I was about to embark upon , I knew that I was going to follow my plan as instructed by my coach, I knew I was going to do whatever it took to get the RESULTS I WANTED to see myself again. Hiding under an extra 55 lbs is not E.


Fast forward 5 months , I have lost a total of 39 lbs. Down 3 dress sizes. My energy, my God, MY ENERGY is through the roof. My body is shrinking, the inches are coming off.

I FEEL LIKE A GAJILLION BUCKS … I can do things I wasn’t able to months, years ago, now I See myself in the person I was meant to be all along.

Walking in my own FIRE, Making My LIFE Happen. My WAY !

My journey is not even close to ever being over.

I still have 18 more pounds to lose and then it’s tight n tone city baby.

I want to get my prebaby weight days. Be in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE !

I have even taken my husband and children along on this HERBA LIFE …

My asthma is a work in progress and something I will always have, so the medications that help me gain the weight, I am learning how to not let it affect me like it has in the past. Everyday is a work in progress. Everyday is an uphill battle. The point is, is to take the necessary steps to get better, to become the BEST VERSION of yourself and don’t NOT SETTLE, EVER … In any area of your life. YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING AND ARE WORTH MORE.

So what do I do …

I Change Peoples Lives.

I Jumpstart Your Life By Providing a Stellar Personalized Nutrition Program, Mentoring and Coaching , To Get You To Start LIVING and STOP EXISTING !

Its Absolutely a Life Changer on Many Different Levels.
Email Me  For More Information if You Are Interested in a LIFE CHANGE, Lets Do This Together.

Go on Hunnie , Take a CHANCE  — > Old Lady on Train From The Movie,

Coming to America .. LOL

{ GetFitWithElizabeth@Gmail.Com }

I look forward to being a part of your wellness journey.
To Your Wellness and Success,
Coach E


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