Wellness Evaluations


Your FREE Wellness Evaluation 

As your Personal Wellness Coach , my journey  with you goes way beyond changing your eating habits, but rather goes onto achieving your personal BEST.  Weight as a number plays a small part in this equation , compare that too your body structure , your energy levels and how crazy amazing you feel, whether your goal is to sweat it out at the gym , workout at home or maybe simply keep up with your children. Whatever your fitness goals are , you can achieve them without feeling breathless.

The results you are looking to achieve can be a reality and success is just three simple steps.


Step 1 :

If you are nearby to me and live in or around Long Island , NY  – it is useful to book your Body Composition assessment and get your Body Profile before starting a nutrition trial in combination with our 3 Day Eat Clean Challenge which is a support element to make sure you have the best experience on the trial.

If you are not local – no worries, we can chat over the phone or Skype to get you started.

For a small fee, we supply you with a healthy nutritious breakfast for each of the 3 days plus we give you great education about what to eat throughout the day, when to eat it, you get personal one on one coaching and learn so much as well as have fun interaction with other people on the Challenge..


Step 2 :

After You have experienced our 3 Day Eat Clean Challenge and participated in our 3 Day Eat Clean Challenge, the very next step to your transformation process is our non-obligatory, informative and confidential FREE Wellness Evaluation that consists of a Body Composition & Lifestyle Analysis which will help determine your goals, challenges you are currently facing, current lifestyle and health risks associated with it, how fast is your metabolism, how fast is your current lifestyle aging you and how to reverse the trend. You will receive a guidance on the right nutritional plan for your needs, depending whether you wish to lose weight, gain weight or simply maintain your weight whilst increasing your energy levels and general vitality.

You will be ready to get started right away if you wish to go forward with us.



Step 3 :

I will follow up with you initially every week and keep track of your key measurements. You will then be able to see your improvements over time. Reviews and coaching are free. I will keep coaching you on the best techniques to achieve your absolute best results, you will be able to join a support group to keep up on latest fitness trends and nutrition, especially if you enjoyed our 3 Day Eat Clean Challenge.  You are also welcome then to join us at The Fit Factory in Floral Park, NY for a Workout and a Shake.