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go to scroll down

to “Apply Online to become an Herbalife Member”-

Click apply now Read Gold Standard and click “Get Started” Confirm you understand our incredible Gold Standard by checking all 6 boxes.

Fill out sponsor information Sponsor’s Herbalife ID# 10Y0877046

First 3 letters: FOR

Member pack? select “NO”

Fill out member application Read and Check all 4 membership agreements Choose “Mini Herbalife Member Pack” -$60.70 or “Herbalife Member Pack” -$94.10 which comes with product.

Select shipping method “Fed Ex Home Delivery” Submit payment- with tax and shipping it should come to approx $73 or $105 depending on which you choose.

This will then notify me that you started and I can begin coaching you.

I Look Forward In Getting You Started on Your Road To Health and Wellness,

Your Coach E.